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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

Though the Olympics may make gold and silver seem like the most elusive colors, there is a recent craft trend of using copper to decorate one’s home. The color gives both a rustic and industrial look while giving a design aspect to any living space. Copper is large in the craft world right now, and for good reason. Don’t believe me? Check out the crafts below. I, for one, am excited to quickly jump on this band wagon.

DIY Wind Chimes - Think CraftsDIY Wind ChimesThink Crafts

These wind chimes give a beachy and boho vibe to any location and are a great alternative to purchasing them for a high price tag. The small copper bells will create noise without being obnoxious and getting to choose the fabric will give it a personal touch.


DIY Copper Pipe Ladder - Brittany MakesDIY Copper Pipe LadderBrittany Makes

This copper ladder is a perfect and industrial way to hang towels, blankets, or scarves. Not only is it functional, it works as a design element. Once you have the materials, the assembly is straight forward, making this craft surprisingly easy.


DIY Copper Edged Mirror - Makers Society DIY Copper Edged MirrorMakers Society 

This mirror is surprisingly easy to make, actually using an On-Guard Snail deterrent tape for the copper. I’ll be on a lookout for a large, inexpensive, mirror so I can make one of my own. I especially like the rope used to hang the mirror here.


Copper Bottle DIY - Hello! Upholstery Copper Bottle DIYHello! Upholstery 

I never knew copper spray paint could look so good. I have a lot of glass bottles lying around and this is the perfect way to give them a touch of design without too much work. I will be investing in some copper spray paint soon.


DIY Metallic Alphabet Magnets - KojodesignsDIY Metallic Alphabet MagnetsKojodesigns

Turn these cheap plastic alphabet magnets into a chic element to add to your kitchen. I can’t wait to show these to my roommates and write out messages to them with these letters. Basically, this is a fun element to add to my apartment that will also look good, so I’m sold.


Have you also fallen for copper? Let us know your experience with the newest craft trend in the comments below! Also, check out these other copper crafts we’ve been posting on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

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