Mouse Muffler

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilight Kallisti

Mouse Muffler

Fall has arrived in Oregon and there’s a chill in the air. My hands get cold easily so I made this mouse muffler to keep my hand warm while I’m surfing online this coming winter. If you live in an especially cold climate you can line it with fabric to make it even warmer.

Note: The mouse muffler was specifically designed to work with a track ball mouse (ie the ball’s on top). If you have a mouse with the little ball on the bottom this pattern can still work for you. You’ll need to trim a mouse pad down to slide into the muffler for your mouse to rest upon.


Difficulty Level




Mouse Muffler Knitting Pattern

20 stitches/28rows = 4 inches

Woman’s medium, man’s small

Finished Measurements
6″ wide, 9″ long

Pattern Notes

BO = bind off, CO = cast on, k = knit, k2tog = knit two together, p = purl, ssk = slip slip knit


CO 60 stitches

Distribute evenly onto four needles, place marker to denote beginning of round

Join to begin knitting in the round, be careful not to twist stitches

Knit in round until piece measures 7″

DIY Mouse Muffler

Wrist shaping

*(k1, ssk)5x, (k1, k2tog)5x*

repeat stitches between **
40 stitches
Knit one row
*(k1, sskk)3x, k1,  (k1,k2tog)3x, k1*

Repeat stitches between **
28 stitches

Knit one row

Keep your hands cozy with a mouse muffler.

Knit K1, P1* (*repeat until end of row)
Knit until ribbing measures 2″

BO loosely
Seam up bottom using mattress stitch
Leave a 1″ opening in middle of bottom seam for mouse cord to go through
Weave in ends with yarn needle
Line with fabric if desired




My sister Abbey test knit this for me and embellished hers with knit flowers. Oh so cute!


DIY Mouse Muffler


I’d love to see your mouse mufflers! Mail photos to

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