Autumn Appliqué Artwork

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY Autumn Applique Artwork

Create some whimsical no-sew fabric artwork for your autumn home.  This is a great project to use up all of those fabric scraps in your stash.

Autumn 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Autumn 3

To begin, use your ruler to measure out two pieces of Heat n Bond that are 8.5″x11″ in size.  Print the Autumn Appliques pattern pieces onto your Heat n Bond sheets.  To do so, open the PDF file, scroll so you are viewing page 2 (which will be the first page with pattern pieces on it), load your paper into your printer so it will print on the paper side, hit “print”, and under “pages to print,” select “current page.”  Print your first page of pattern pieces onto your Heat n Bond, and then repeat with the second page of pattern pieces.  If you choose, you can print the first page on a regular piece of paper to use the little pictures as reference when ironing your design together.

Autumn 4

Cover your embroidery hoops with the fabric you have chosen to be your background.  Trim the edges, and use your hot glue to adhere the extra to the inside of the hoop.

Autumn 5

Cut out the paper pattern pieces, leaving some white space around the edges.  Iron each piece onto the corresponding color of fabric you have chosen to make your design.  Let the pieces cool, and then cut out the pieces on the black lines.  I suggest only working on one hoop design at a time, only cutting out the pieces you need for that one, rather than all the pieces at once, otherwise it can get confusing to figure out where all of your pattern pieces are.

Autumn 6

For my example, I’ll build the fox.  Peel the paper backing off of your pieces as you need them.  If you’ll notice, some of the pattern pieces are numbered.  This number corresponds to the order they need to be applied to the background fabric so they’ll layer correctly.  The fox tail is number 1 because it needs to be the first piece on the background, under the body.  However, it is easier to set the body piece onto the background layer first, getting it centered, and then lifting up the edge and placing the fox tail underneath.   I suggest using the tip of your iron to tack down the center of the body piece, once you get it centered, to help keep it in the correct position while you place the tail.

Autumn 7

Use your folded cotton towel underneath the hoop as an ironing surface to press against.  You can even *carefully* put your hand under the towel and press it upward as you iron each piece on.

Autumn 8

Continue adding your fox pieces; the scarf (3) onto the body (2), then the chin (4) overlapping the scarf, then position the head (6) in place over the chin, but tuck the ears (5) under the head before you iron the whole head piece down.  The last pieces don’t have numbers, because they don’t have any special overlapping, they just iron on last, according to the pictures.  To finish your fox face, use the small detail brush to add a small white dot of acrylic paint in each eye as a reflection.  The reflection needs to be in the same position in each eye so your fox doesn’t look like he has “crazy eyes.”

Autumn 9

To make a scarf for your fox, cut a strip of fabric about  7-inches long by 1.5-inches wide, cut fringe on the end, if desired.  Tie a simple knot in the middle, keeping the knot a bit loose.  Turn the ends of the scarf so they’re both pattern side up.

Autumn 10

Use your hot glue to adhere the knot onto the fox’s scarf around his neck.

Fox Applique Artwork

Get creative and embellish your hoops more, if you desire.  Make free form cut outs to decorate your fox’s scarf, or add some trees or leaves to the background.  Glue on some buttons or other embellishments.

Pumpkin Applique Artwork

Tips for creating all of the hoops:  Check to see how see through your fabric is before using it to avoid annoying transparency caused by too thin fabrics.  Use the small pictures as reference for setting your pattern pieces.  Use just the tip of your iron to tack down your pieces as you create your design, and then fully adhere the design once you’re sure you’ve placed everything correctly.

Owl Applique Artwork

When building your owl, be sure to follow the order to layer the pattern pieces, just like you did for the fox.

Heat up your iron and get to creating some cute autumn art for your walls!

Happy crafting!

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