Little Felt Footballs

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Felt Football Wreath

It’s that football time of year again!  Whatever team you’re rooting for– be it pro, college, high school or youth, these little felt footballs are a fun way to show your team spirit.

Football 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Football 3

The footballs are made of 2 different-sized strips of felt rolled end-to-end.  To make the widest strip, use your ruler and measure up 12-inches from the bottom of your felt and mark both ends.  Measure out 1.5-inches out on both sides of the first mark, so the end will be a total of 3-inches wide.  Measure out 1-inch on both sides of the second mark you made, so that end will be 2-inches wide.  Connect the bottom marks with the top marks so you have a 12-inch long, symmetrical trapezoid that is 3-inches wide at one end, and 2-inches wide at the other end. The narrow strip is also 12-inches long, but it is 2-inches wide at one end, and gradually tapers down to be 1-inch wide at the other.  I suggest measuring your strips out onto a piece of paper and making a pattern that you can use to cut them all out, especially if you’re going to be making a lot of footballs.

Football 4

Cut one small rectangle of felt about 1-inch wide by 1.5-inches long for each football you’re making.  They don’t have to be exact, they’re going to be rolled up in the strip to help fill out the football’s middle.

(Football 5)

Using your paintbrush handle, begin rolling up the wider strip along the 3-inch long end.  I suggest that you begin rolling a bit before adding hot glue, or you’ll burn your fingers on the hot glue trying to get the felt initially around the handle.  Give it a couple of good rolls tightly around the handle, and then add glue and keep rolling.  Be sure to keep your roll centered as you wind it up–we made the trapezoid shaped strips symmetrical so we would get an evenly shaped football as we roll the strips up the middle.

Football 5

When you’ve rolled the first strip about halfway up, glue your felt rectangle into the middle of your strip, and continue rolling and gluing until you’ve rolled your strip up all the way.  Glue the end.

Football 6

Butt the 2-inch wide end of the next strip up to the end of the first strip, and glue it into place.  Continue rolling up your strip.  Glue to secure the end, and slide off of the stick you used to roll it. Cut two very narrow strips of white felt to be your stripes and lacing.

Football 7

Wrap the narrow white felt strips around both ends of your football, glue to secure.

Football 8

Cut a small white strip and glue it onto the middle of your football to begin the lacing.

Football 9

Cut smaller white strips and glue across the middle strip to form the rest of the lacing.

Football 10

Because your rolled the footballs up on the handle of paintbrush, there’s a hole through the middle like a giant bead.  If you want to make your footballs into a little wreath, thread them onto a piece of heavy gauge wire (a wire coat hanger works well for this).

Football 11

Bend your wire into a circle, wrap the ends around each other to secure.

Football 12

To make a rosette, cut a small circle of felt, and glue loops of ribbon around the edge.

Football 13

Glue 3 small loops into the middle to finish your rosette, and then glue the completed rosette onto the wreath.

Football Wreath

These little felt footballs make a cute wreath to cheer on your favorite team, but because they’re like beads, what about making them into leis or a necklace?  Could you glue them onto dowels and use them in a bouquet or centerpiece?  Or how about stringing them into a garland?  Go favorite football teams!

Happy crafting!

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