DIY “Stone” Dipped Mug

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Make a plain white mug look dipped in stone with this easy tutorial.

With fall coming quick, it’s time for me to curl up under a blanket with a good book or knitting project and I can’t forget a cup of my favorite tea. Around this time of year, I can never have too many mugs since I’m almost never seen without a cup of some form of hot liquid in my hand.

Stone Dipped Mug DIY

I loved the look of Lacey’s key hooks created with alcohol ink. I thought they looked a lot like a really gorgeous granite countertop. I loved the idea that you could use alcohol ink to create something that looked like it had been “dipped” in stone. And so the idea for this mug was born.

What You Need:

How to Make It:


Tape off as straight a line as you can muster around the mug and the handle of your mug. Press down all of the tape thoroughly to prevent bleeding. Lay it on some newspaper in a well ventilated area.


Add a few drops of your ink to the mug. I used mostly the dark neutral color and added a few drops of the brighter colors here and there to get the look of natural stone.



Add a couple drops of the blending solution and dab with your felt or blending tool. Repeat until the entire bottom half of the mug is covered.


If you get some ink on the top half, don’t worry! Get some of the blending solution on a paintbrush and paint over the offending splotches. Wipe everything away with a paper towel. Remove the tape. If there is any bleeding, flip the mug upside down, grab your handy paintbrush and use the blending solution to “move” the ink to a safe spot farther away from the line of “stone” and wipe!

Apply a coat of Mod Podge as directed over your colored surface, and a little bit along the line where it ends to seal.

DIY Stone Dipped Mug
Enjoy your pretty new mug!


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I'm Joselyn, the Marketing Manager for CreateForLess. Though knitting is my true crafty love, I've been experimenting with all kinds of products and techniques for as long as I can remember. I also love my dog Kirby, baking, going to the beach, and creating all kinds of ice cream flavors. I'm a Portland native who loves the rainy Northwest weather that gives me an excuse to stay inside with my coffee, a bunch of movies, and my knitting.

5 thoughts on “DIY “Stone” Dipped Mug

  1. Nick

    Interesting and educational ! But I have a question that no one can or does not want to answer..In alcohol burning does this make the paint indelible and permanent or does one still need to use a sealer ? Hope you can answer and will ….Thanks , Nick

  2. Skip


    The inks are semi permanent but they can chip, or come off if anything is under them when applied. I have had beautiful works of art chip off because I had touched the surface with my hand and didn’t wipe it off with a solvent. Fire glazing (setting the inks on fire) will do the same thing unexpectedly So, to help prevent this from happening, I always clear coat with an acrylic based coating (acrylics can be applied in several very light coats and come in different finishes, from high gloss to matt finish. Good luck with your project.

  3. Rebecca A Cooley

    I used the alcohol inks on coffee mugs, all directions I have found have said to use dishwasher safe modge podge. When applying it the alcohol inks react and smear resulting in a ruined project. What can be used to make them dishwasher and food safe?

  4. nancy

    I believe if you seal the project with UV Varnish and then use the Mod Podge it will protect the ink from reacting. I had the same thing happen when I tried a brush on varnish.

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