Iron-on Fabric Wall Art

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

3D Wall Art

Here’s a fun technique to make iron on appliques in whatever design you can think of.  With this print and cut method, you can make words, or custom shapes to make your own fabric wall art, or use them in other craft projects.

Iron 2

What You Need:

Iron 3

Use your ruler to mark an 8.5″x11″ rectangle on the paper side of your Heat n Bond, and cut it out.  On your computer, decide what words or image you are going to use for you design, and the correct size, and then print them MIRROR IMAGE onto the paper side of your Heat n Bond rectangle.  Lay the printed Heat n Bond adhesive side down on your chosen fabric, and follow the directions to stick it to your fabric.  Let cool.

Iron 4

Using your scissors and craft knife, cut out your words and images.  For ease of cutting, I suggest using your craft knife to cut out the insides of any letters first (Centers of “o,” insides of “a,” “d,” “b,” etc.), before cutting out the whole word.

Iron 5

Cut your background fabric to fit the hoop, adhere the words or images to the background fabric with your iron, and then insert the fabric into the hoop.

Iron 6

To make a felt sunflower to embellish your hoop, begin by cutting two strips (about 1.5″ wide) lengthwise from your brown felt.  Fold them in half along the length of the strip, and begin cutting a fringe all along the folded edge.

Iron 7

Glue the open edge shut along the length of the strip, and begin rolling the strip up into a coil, gluing as you go to hold the roll together.  When you reach the end of the first strip, glue the next folded strip you made on, and continue rolling.

Iron 8

Cut small football shapes from your yellow felt, and pinch one end together, gluing to hold, so your petals have some dimension.

Iron 9

Glue the petals onto the back of the brown center.

Iron 10

To make a rose, cut a circle from your felt, and then, beginning at the outer edge, cut a spiral shape into the middle of the circle, leaving a small circle in the center.

Iron 11

Begin coiling up the spiral at the outer point, gluing as you go.

Iron 12

When you reach the middle, glue the center circle onto the back of your coiled rose to finish.

Iron 13

To make a chrysanthemum, cut a lengthwise strip from your felt, and cut a fringe all along one long edge.  Roll the strip up, gluing as you go.  To make fatter flowers, add another strip when the first one runs out.

Iron 14

Glue your flowers onto your hoop to embellish.  If desired, cut leaves out of various colors, to further decorate.

DIY Iron On Fabric Art

How about making silhouettes of your children or pets?  Making a hoop with your last name, or your child’s name?  If you can think it, print it, and are willing to cut it out, the possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting!

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