Easy Watercolor Garland

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Easy Watercolor Garland

This craft is a quick DIY that can easily involve kids of any age. I wanted to try it out simply because I love experimenting with watercolors and this is a perfect way to have some fun just making brush strokes and in the end you have a fun piece of decor for a party or a kids room.

DIY Watercolor Garland

Choose a specific color scheme, or just go crazy. The possibilities are endless and the result is super fun!

What You Need:


Start by painting about 4-6 sheets of watercolor paper with abstract designs. You can experiment with brush strokes, splotches, or different shapes. It’s completely up to you, and a combination of everything looks great!


Punch out your circles from the sheets of paper. I used a 3 inch punch and was able to get about 8 circles from each of my 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets.


Thread your sewing machine with a white thread to help your stitches blend in, or a brightly colored coordinating thread to make them pop, again, it’s up to you! Next, stack up all of your circles so they’re within easy reach, and sew straight down the middle of your first circle. Once you get about halfway down the circle, grab the next one and have it at the ready. You can sew 1 or 2 stitches between the circles so there’s a little separation and the garland is easier to hang. Continue with this fluid motion until you’re through all of your circles.

I had a couple of jams at the beginning until I got the hang of the motions. I just cut the thread and picked up a few stitches behind where I left off.

Watercolor Garland

Once you’re through the circles, you can hang your garland over a thumbtack or nail by the threads in between the circles.

Watercolor Garland DIY

So easy and fun for all ages!

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