Pom Pom Pencil Pets

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pom Pom Pencil Pets

Here’s an easy craft project to add a little fun to back-to-school, or just a cute project to do with the kids in your life.  Make them for yourself, or give them to your friends; either way, these pencil pets will brighten your day!

Pom 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Pom 3

To begin, use your hot glue to stick a pom-pom onto the eraser end of the pencil.  Put a dab of glue onto the top of the eraser and around the sides of it, and then carefully push your pom-pom onto the eraser, mashing the pom-pom so it really sticks in place.  If you’re doing this project with kids, I suggest having the adult use hot glue to stick the pom-poms to the pencils, and then having the kids finish the pom-pom pets with the tacky glue.  The tacky glue will stick the pom-poms to the pencil tops (I think the hot glue secures them better though), if that’s what you choose to use, it just takes a lot longer for them to dry so the kids can finish them.

Pom 4

Glue your googly eyes to the pom-pom.

Pom 5

Fold your stamens in half so they form a “v.”

Pom 6

Place a small dab of glue onto the folded point of the stamens, and stick them onto the top of your pom-pom, pressing them into the fuzz, and carefully pinching to secure them.

Pom 7

Use your washi tape to decorate the pencils.

Pom Pom Pencil Pets

Try gluing two, or even three pom-poms together on the top of the pencils to make larger pencil pets, or use much larger pom-poms to make giant ones.  Then get out those pencil sharpeners, and start using your cute new pencils!

Happy Crafting!

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