Gallery Glass Window Clings

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey

Gallery Glass Window ClingsWhile researching the fun things to do with Plaid Gallery Glass, I noticed that it was possible to make window clings from Gallery Glass patterns. While this looked like a fun craft, I thought making my own window cling with my own design would be more fun, so that’s what I set out to do. This turned out to be an easy and fun craft which I would highly recommend for anyone looking to create customized window clings for less.

Gallery Glass Window Clings

What you’ll need to create your own window clings:

Gallery Glass Window ClingsOnce you’ve printed out, or drawn, the pattern you would like to make, tape it to the inside of your Ziploc to keep the pattern in place. Push out the air to ensure you are working on a flat surface.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsBecause my design had smaller lines, rather than applying the lead straight to the pattern, I used a paper clip to apply the lead to the pattern. Though this takes longer, I preferred this method as I thought it would be neater. This did make my cling less thick and possibly more fragile  than applying the lead straight to the pattern.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsAllow your lead to dry. This can take up to eight hours. My lead was thinner than the average, so it took a little less time. Once you allow it to dry, clean up any jagged edges with a craft knife. It’s very important to wait for the lead to dry before cleaning it up. It is much easier that way.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsI used the same technique when applying the paint. Making a blob on the bag and then applying it with a paper clip to the pattern. Comb through each section of your pattern to even out the paint and pop bubbles as they are created.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsOnce the paint dried, I applied a layer of Mod Podge just to make my cling stronger. Once again, using the paper clip to apply the lead and paint made it more fragile than the average cling, so I wanted to reinforce it before peeling it off of the bag. I also like the shine it gave to the whole cling. It doesn’t ruined the stained glass effect created by the Gallery Glass Paint either, which I really like.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsVery carefully peel your cling off of the bag. I started this with my craft knife just to get under the cling. Be careful not to let any part of the cling fold in on itself as it will stick together.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsThe larger your cling is, the harder it will be to pull off and not allow it to stick together. Plaid recommends not creating a cling that is larger than your hand as it will be more likely to stick together. Once you’ve peeled off your window cling, stick it to any glass surface.

This could be a great method for car decals or just to add an extra design to glass surfaces of your home. You can make them for your mirror or windows. To store them, put it back on the baggy. Creating seasonal window clings is a great way to decorate.

Gallery Glass Window ClingsI can’t wait to make more with different colors and designs!


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