Driftwood Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Driftwood Dream Catcher Art

A while ago, my boyfriend and I bought a big kid bed at IKEA. We’d been sleeping on this rickety, noisy bed frame with a half-collapsed box spring for months and I finally convinced him that life would be so much more beautiful with a new bed. I’ve never slept better.

There was one downside to our new bed, though: we now had less wall space above us. While it was wonderful to have a headboard for the first time in my life, I had to take down my giant macrame wall hanging that had been living above us since we moved in. It just didn’t fit anymore. Since then, the white space that took its place has always irked me. What could I hang there?


Something to hang the driftwood with (I used some simple triangle hangers attached to the back of the wood, then hung those from some sturdy hooks attached to my wall)

While you could really make any pattern of dreamcatcher, I decided to go for a simple “double star” pattern. I’ve also seen dreamcatchers done with vintage doilies, which is pretty cool.

To start, loosen the screw at the top of your embroidery hoop and separate the two pieces.



Next, you are going to tie your yarn around metal piece attached to the top of the outer hoop.


Making a star pattern, begin to wrap the yarn around the edge of the hoop, until you reach your starting point. Tie off.


Begin your second star by tying your yarn around the bottom of the hoop, directly across from where you started at the top. Repeat the previous pattern, but do it upside down, so you end up with something that looks like this:


I took a toothpick and dipped it in some super glue, then glued the yarn wherever it wrapped around the hoop to help keep the stars from moving around and looking all wonky. It worked really well, definitely an important step!


Go ahead and make the rest of your dreamcatchers. I made seven, although I sort of wish I had made a few more.


Next, cut your leather cord to lengths you like. You will be tying them to the bottom of your dreamcatcher, folding each piece in half (so, as usual in my crafts for some reason, cut the leather twice as long as you will want it to be after it’s folded). I did three or four pieces per dreamcatcher. Just tie them once, using a normal knot.


Tie your feathers to the bottom of each cord using a normal knot as well.

After you have all your dreamcatchers completely finished, you might want to straighten the leather cord. I just used my normal hair straightener for this – you could also use an iron, but if you do that, cover the cord in a paper towel to keep it from getting shiny. It might also be wise to straighten the cord prior to tying it to your dreamcatchers, but it really wasn’t that difficult to do after the fact.


This was also about when Kristoff started becoming very interested in what I was doing.


On to the driftwood. Mark where you would like each of your dreamcatchers to hang. I sort of just eyeballed this, although it couldn’t hurt to measure.


I then put my boyfriend to work hammering little nails into each marked spot while I took care of tying string to the top of my dreamcatchers. I tied the string tightly around the metal piece, then completely unscrewed the screw and put the string through the hole to keep the hoop together.



Cut the pieces of string longer than you think you will want them, so you have room to play around with how low each one will hang.

I then mounted the driftwood on the wall and began tying up my dreamcatchers. Like I said, play around with how low they hang, decide if you want any to overlap, etc. I like the sort of asymmetrical, imperfect look. I was very happy with how it turned out, although I might go back and replace the yarn I used to hang them with some more leather cord. Maybe. I do like how it looks now!

Dream Catcher Wall Art

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