Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey.

Gallery Glass Geometric MirrorThough I love knitting and the classic embroidery thread crafts, sometimes you just have to try something new. Recently, as I was browsing the web, I was looking at paints to use on slick surfaces, I came across Plaid Gallery Glass which is used to create a faux stained glass look.  This medium looked like a fun one to experiment with and as I’ve been interested lately in geometric designs, I thought this could be an interesting project to try out a new supply and make something I could use in my apartment, leading to this Gallery Glass geometric mirror.

Gallery Glass Geometric MirrorWhat you will need for this project: 

  • Mirror – I got mine at the Dollar Tree, for a dollar.
  • Plaid Gallery Glass Liquid Leading – I might recommend the Redi-Lead as a good alternative, the lines would have been cleaner and straighter if I had done this option
  • Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color – I used a single color, the snow white, but this would have  been a fun project to mix and match colors with.
  • Paper Clip (or tooth pick, nut pick, or Gallery Glass Blending Tool)
  • Craft Knife
  • White board marker
  • Craft Stick
  • Window cleaner

Start with cleaning your mirror, you will have to do this many times in the process, so keep Windex and paper towels on hand. Next, you will need to draw your design on the mirror. I did this with an Expo pen. This works out well because if you make a mistake, you can just erase it and you can erase any left over lines after you are done outlining. (I used a craft stick as a ruler, it was smaller and easier to maneuver)

Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

Next, use the liquid leading to make the outline. A suggestion, it does not say this on the bottle, but make sure to cut the extra plastic off of the tip. I did not do this at first and the lead kept getting clogged. Once looking online I found this is what I was supposed to do. Another suggestion, keep the lead an inch off of the outline and keep a steady pressure. Also, another important element I wish I had known, do not try to fix mistakes when the lead is still wet. Wait til it dries. Trust me.

Gallery Glass Geometric MirrorThis is me trying to clean with a paper clip while the lead is wet and failing.

Gallery Glass Geometric MirrorThis is me cleaning with a craft knife once the lead dried and failing slightly less. This is also where you will clean the leftover Expo marker lines and clean your mirror again before painting.

Next it’s time to use the color. Go shape by shape and outline with the Gallery Glass paint from the bottle. Make sure not to shake or move the paint around too much as this will create bubbles that are very difficult to pop. Then add enough paint to cover the surface once you comb through it. I used the paper clip to comb through. This worked pretty well, though I’ve heard the best tool is a nut pick.

Gallery Glass Geometric MirrorNow you just have to wait for the paint to dry and you have your finished product.

Using the Gallery Glass Paint was a fun experience and I’m excited for the next project so I can put my newly learned tips to test. I still have quite a pit of the lead and paint left, so expect to see another project soon. For now, enjoy your new geometric mirror!

Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

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2 thoughts on “Gallery Glass Geometric Mirror

  1. Nancy Pettus

    Next time you try the gallery glass paint, try the pearl paints. They are just beautiful when on. I noticed you have your paint on awfully thick. Should not be that way. I paint sun catchers for fun in my spare time and then take them to the childrens hospital for the kids to have. I would be glad to help you out, if you want.

    It was a good try for the first time. I live in Arizona.


  2. Lacey Post author


    Thank you for the tips! I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next time I have the opportunity to use Gallery Glass. A sun catcher sounds like the perfect use for this paint and I can imagine it looks great with the translucent effect.

    Thanks again!

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