Uses for Embroidery Floss

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

I love making friendship bracelets. In the eighth grade I once spent two weeks of my summer making friendship bracelets for everyone I knew. With my love for friendship bracelets come a love for embroidery floss. Though embroidery floss is prefect to use with friendship bracelets and of course, embroidery, this cheap craft supplies has come in as a recent craft trend lately for all of the different uses it can have. Here are a few of the crafts I found and now want to try that use embroidery thread in uncommon ways.

Hollow String Eggs - Think Crafts

Hollow Craft Eggs Think Crafts 

Though it’s far from Easter I still love the look of these hollow eggs. With different colors you could make these crafts relevant year round. As shown in the post, they would make excellent placeholders for summer dinners.

Handmade Feather Tutorial - Infarrantly Creative

Handmade Feather TutorialInfarrantly Creative

These feathers can be the perfect embellishment or add on to many craft projects. Using embroidery floss will make it easy to personalize and the tutorial shows how to go a step further with paint pens.

Friendship Bracelet {Headphone Style} - NatalmeFriendship Bracelet {Headphone Style}Natalme

Not only is this a great way to customize your headphones and cords with your favorite color, it will help ensure your cords do not get tangled. It’s another excuse to make a friendship bracelet like craft, which I’m all for.

DIY Wrapped Basket - Tell Love and Chocolate

DIY Wrapped Basket Tell Love and Chocolate 

The layered look of this embroidery floss adds the perfect touch to these otherwise plain baskets. The many colors of floss available will make this project easy to add to any room no matter the color scheme. There also less complicated to make than you may think.

DIY Necklace: How to make a necklace with embroidery threads - Mollie Makes

DIY Necklace: How to make a necklace with embroidery threadsMollie Makes

This tutorial is a great way to make a statement piece necklace that looks professionally done. The colors are bright, vibrant and perfect for summer. This creative use of embroidery thread proves the multi-uses of the fun colors.

Do you have any creative uses for embroidery floss or other tips? Let us know in the comments below! Check out these other uses of embroidery floss we’ve been posting on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

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