Paper Star Lanterns

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Paper Star Lanterns

Add a touch of magic to your home decor with this twinkling star lantern, or make some to beautifully illuminate your next party.

Star 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Star 3

To begin, print the PDF pattern, and cut it out.  Trace the pattern piece 5 times onto your papers. Cut out.

Star 4

Star 5

Place one of the pieces pattern side down on the cutting mat.  Refer to the printed pattern piece to see where the 3 dotted fold lines are that run from the point.  Line up your ruler on your scrapbook paper piece where one of the fold lines should be. Open your scissors, and carefully use one tip of them to lightly score the fold line.

Star 6

Repeat with the other 2 vertical running fold lines.

Star 7

Refer to the printed pattern piece to see where the two smaller horizontal fold lines should be.  They will create the tabs that we use to glue the pieces together.  Use your ruler to measure 5/8-inch up the middle fold line, and make a small reference mark.  To create the fold lines, lay your ruler from either edge point, to the middle mark you just made, and then lightly score. Repeat on the other side.

Star 8

Cut along the middle score line from the bottom, up to the pencil mark you made at 5/8-inch.  This will free the two tabs so we can fold them.  Repeat the scoring process on the 4 other paper pieces.

Star 9

Gently fold on the fold lines so the pattern is on the outside.

Star 10

Refer to the pattern piece to see along which fold line you should hole punch so your design is on the face of the finished star.  Gently fold the paper piece in half along that fold line, and punch your pattern design with your hole punch.

Star 11

Repeat the hole punch design on the other 4 pieces.

Star 12

Decide which of your paper pieces you want to form the top point of the star.  Use your scissors to cut a teeny bit off of the pointed tip of the star; 1/16-inch, no more than 1/8-inch.  (When we glue this piece together, making this cut will leave a tiny hole for the metal fastener to stick out of.)  Take one of the ring fasteners and lightly bend the metal legs together so they’re still a bit open.  Using a dab of hot glue, secure the fastener legs to the inside of the star tip, so the metal ring and cover are sticking off of the top.  Carefully  bend the vertical tab of your paper piece to the inside to fit the star piece together.  Using either hot glue, or tacky glue (which will be more forgiving with adjusting the tab, rather than instantly sticking like the hot glue), glue the vertical tab.  Hold until the star piece is stuck together.  Bend the bottom tabs to the outside.

Star 13

Glue the other paper pieces together along the vertical tab, like you did above, and then bend their bottom tabs to the outside as well.

Star 14

Star 15

Take two of the star pieces, and fit the bottom tabs of one of the pieces, inside the tab free edge of the other piece.  Glue the tabs one tab at a time, to ensure the neatest fit.

Star 16

Continue gluing the other star pieces together until you get to the last piece.  On the last piece, glue it into place like before, but, rather than gluing the neighboring tabs to the final piece to close the star, glue only one of the remaining tabs; this will leave a hole to put your lights inside.

Star 17

Carefully insert your lights into the star.  If you’re using a battery operated string, push the string inside, and leave the battery pack near the opening, or even hanging out the back so you can switch it on and off.  You can even dab hot glue on the battery pack, avoiding the battery door, to help keep it into place.  If you’re using a clip light, place the light in the middle of the star, and feed the cord out the hole in the back.  Always use common sense when lighting your lantern, and don’t leave it unattended.  I’ve never had them get hot, or even remotely warm (even with the small electric light), but all lights are different, and some might get hot.

DIY Paper Star Lanterns

Use a length of string or ribbon to loop through the ring of your fastener, and hang up your beautiful lantern.

DIY Star Lanterns

Enjoy your paper star lantern, and all the pretty shapes it makes on your ceiling and walls.

Happy Crafting!





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