Alcohol Ink Key Hook

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey

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I am notoriously bad at remembering my keys. In the past few weeks I have locked myself out of my apartment twice and my car once. This fact is proven by the bent screen that is sitting in my kitchen right now from where my boyfriend broke into the apartment to save us from being locked out for hours. So not only are these key hooks necessary to keep me organized, they were also a great excuse to play with a new medium I haven’t used before, alcohol ink. These key hooks were surprisingly easy to make, though I did encounter some bumps along the way.

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What you will need for this project:

Start with breaking your ceramic tile. This was surprisingly difficult for me. I thought a ceramic tile would be easy to break, but I was literally slamming down the hammer. I’m sure this had something to do with the cardboard I had placed underneath to make an easy clean-up. There is no real precision with this either. You just swing. Once you’ve broken your tile to your satisfaction, make sure to sand any sharp corners with the sandpaper.

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I used two different methods for the two tiles. First the long tile. This was the one I started with the felt applicator. Just put a few drops of each color on the felt and then press to the surface. I ended up adding too much black to my felt applicator, but no worries, because the alcohol blending solution exists.

9 (600x399)As you can see, the solution makes the color on the tile lighter. I mixed this in with the colors with the felt applicator as well. Also, notice the clear, film like material that is underneath my project. The blending solution cleans ink right off of this, not to mention, it will also clean ink off your hands.

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I still wasn’t happy with all of the black though, so I ended up just adding drops of the color. I really like the way the colors popped and blended with other colors. I used the felt to blend the edges as well.

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For the broken tiles I used a slightly different technique in hopes of getting a little less black and more color. I dropped the ink directly on the tile and then used the felt to blend the colors together.

7 (600x497)

One thing I will say about my makeshift felt tool, the felt I used was not the same kind that comes with the actual tool. One issue I found with the felt I used was that little pieces of it would come off in the ink. Though this isn’t too noticeable, it’s still something that happened that I would have preferred been avoided. I also painted the edge of the tiles white.

5Now for the hooks. I would highly recommend the command hooks as the easiest option. I just stuck them on the tile and cut off the tab. Cut off the tab before you put it on the tile, as I did not do that and wish I had. The tab is much more difficult to cut off once it’s already on the project. The cup hooks I stuck in the wooden blocks, this required a lot of effort. If you cant get it to screw in I would recommend some pliers. I then super-glued the blocks to the back of the tile.

Then all there’s left to do is mount your new key hooks to the wall with mounting tape. This would also be a great way to store jewelry without it getting tangled or a great way to store kitchen appliances.



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3 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink Key Hook

  1. Ruth Leicher

    What I like to do on a rainy day is, if I am not doing a project at the time this will give me the time to research what I want to do next like making a craft or painting and now I am researching how to use achohol ink and can’t wait to try this one. Love your boat.

  2. molly jo

    Hi, Love your idea, I would use it for jewelry or longer hooks for hair ties, I thought about the felt issue and maybe use a piece of ‘MR. clean eraser’ ??Thanks for sharing, molly

  3. JanJan

    I glued velcro to the back of several plastic spoons. Then cut small squares of felt which stick easily to the velcro. Each spoon is designated for one color so I never have to change the felts!

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