No Sew Hair Bows

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

No Sew Hair Bow

Here’s an easy no-sew hair accessory that you can make for your favorite girl, or for yourself.  Use up those fabric scraps, and make some cute clips.

Bow 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Bow 3

To begin, cut a square from your fabric.  To make a bow the size of mine, cut about a 9.5-inch square.

Bow 4

Fold your square in half so the print of the fabric is on the inside.  Use your glue to adhere the top edges together, forming a tube.  Let cool, and then turn the fabric tube so the printed side is on the outside again.

Bow 5

Roll the tube so the glued seam is in the middle.

Bow 6

Fold each end into a point, and hot glue the ends in place.

Bow 7

Fold each pointed end into the middle so there is 1/4-inch space left between the two points, and glue them into place.  If you look at the fabric square that you are left with now, you can see that there are 2 triangles formed between the folded points that you just glued.  You will bunch and pinch the fabric here toward the middle to create your bow shape.

Bow 8

Cut a 3-inch square of your fabric.  Fold the bottom edge up 1/3 of the way and glue, and then fold the other edge over down on top of the edge that you just glued down, and adhere it with glue.  Wrap the strip that you just made, seam side down, around the middle of your big square (bunching the fabric as you go), and glue into place to form the middle of your bow.  I suggest bunching your bow like you want it, then gluing one edge of your fabric strip onto the back, wrapping the rest around the middle, cutting off the extra, and then gluing that end onto the back on top of where you glued the other end.  Cut off any extra of the fabric strip that you don’t use.  You can make the middle as tight or as loose as you desire, depending on how you want your bow to look.

Bow 9

Cut a small oval of felt, large enough to cover the end of your clip.  Pinch the clip open, and glue the flat side of the clip to the back of the bow, and then glue the felt oval to cover where the clip is stuck to the bow.

DIY No Sew Hair Bows

Make bigger and smaller bows by cutting your initial fabric square either larger or smaller.  Get out those fabric scraps and make some bows for yourself, or as gifts for all the special ladies you know!

Happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “No Sew Hair Bows

  1. Brooke

    What a fun and creative way to create an accessory without sewing! All of the folding looks like it must have taken time to figure out the artful origami of your piece.

  2. Kathy

    I just made one of these for my granddaughter to match her Easter dress. It turned out so adorable. Thank you for the pattern and tutorial.

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