Crochet Cat Bed

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilight Kallisti

DIY Crochet Cat Bed

Want to make a special present for that beloved furball in your life? While this cat bed won’t guarantee your can’t won’t nap all over the house (mine loves sleeping on my computer) it will give your cat a special place to sleep all her own.


  • Crochet


  • Easy


DIY Crochet Cat Bed



  • CH 6, join into a ring
  • CH 3
  • Work 11 DC in ring
  • Join round with SL ST to top of CH 3 (each round will end with this type of join)
  • 12  STS


  • CH 3, DC into first stitch, then 2 DC into every stitch
  • 24  STS


  • CH 3, *DC around row, 2 DC into every second stitch*
  • 36 STS


  • CH 3, DC around row, 2 DC into every third stitch*
  • 48  STS

Continue in this fashion ie adding an extra DC into every fourth stitch one round, every fifth stitch the next round, every sixth stitch the next round. Keep increasing in this fashion until the bed is your desired size. If the bed starts to get wavey, do a round of no increases between increase rounds to help it lay flat.

Once you have reached desired size switch to the feather yarn. Crochet rounds with no increases or decreases. Keep crocheting rounds until desired height. I crocheted until my feather yarn strip was six inches tall.

Fold the feather strip over  and sew down the edge over the foam strip. Weave in ends.


To lure your kitty to try out her new bed I suggest sprinkling some catnip on it.

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