Pretty Strings of Paper Boats

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pretty Paper Boats and Fish

Get out your pretty paper and make some fanciful strings of paper  boats and fishes in this easy, and fun project.

Paper 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Paper 3

To fold paper boats we need small rectangles of paper, so use your ruler and pencil to cut your 6-inch squares into rectangles that are 4″x6″ for the larger boats, and 3″x6″ for the smaller boats.

Paper 4

Fold your boats.

Paper 5

Be sure to begin your first fold so the colored side of your paper is on the inside, so the color will show on your finished boat.

Paper 6

Cut out the size fish you with to use from the paper pattern,  trace them onto your paper and cut out.  If you are using a map patterned piece of scrapbook paper that is only one-sided, you may want to glue two pieces together so you have a pattern on both sides of your final fish.  Use your alphabet stamps to stamp words onto your fish.  I stamped the word “Beach” on mine.

Paper 7

Cut various lengths of baker’s twine (Mine varied from around 10-14-inches), and thread your tapestry needle with one of them.  Poke your needle through your first fish, and tie it onto the end of the string.

Paper 8

Begin threading your boats onto the twine by poking up through the bottom of the boat, and out through the point on the top.  I strung 3 or 4 boats on each string, putting the larger boats on the bottom.  You can tie a knot in the string where you want your boat to be, and then thread the boat onto the string so the knot rests under the pointed part.

Paper 9

Continue making strings of boats, tying bells onto the ends of some of the strings, rather than fish.

Paper Boat Decoration

When you have strung all your boats, gather the strings together so they’re even at the top, and tie them into a knot to hold them all together.

Paper Boat Summer Decoration

Now find somewhere to hang your pretty strings of boats.  I tucked the knotted end under a picture on my mantle and let them hang down off of the edge.  You could also use a tack and hang them from your ceiling like a mobile.

Hanging Paper Boats

This would be a great project to do with kids too, because everyone needs to know how to fold a paper boat!

Happy crafting!

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