Kids’ Crafts: Vacation Rocks!

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Now that summer vacation has begun I’ve been on the lookout for easy crafts we can do on the go using materials we find. It may only be early June, but it has been over 90 degrees all week and we’ve found ourselves hanging out at the river a little every day. The little ones always collect rocks by the river, and come to think of it, where ever we travel. So I got to thinking, why not make use of some of those rocks in our crafts this summer? Here are some crafts you can make with rocks from the park, nature hikes or even in your own backyard.

This first idea is a great craft and game to play on camping trips. Story rocks are fun and easy to make, and they make relaxing around the campfire even more interesting. Kids love hearing and telling stories but they usually need something to get the story started, these rocks are the perfect inspiration for group storytelling.

Story RocksCreative Mama on a Dime

Do your little ones love finding treasure? Then this craft is perfect for your family.  This activity would be fun to do with a group, at a party or picnic as well. Kids can help with every stage of the process, or older kids can prepare the Magic rocks and let the little ones discover the treasure.

Magic Treasure Rocks – Growing a Jeweled Rose

Painting rocks is fun for all ages. Paintings can be very basic or quite complex. Either way, I always like to have some examples, like this adorable sea turtle, to inspire creativity. You can paint pet rocks, paper weights, or garden decor. The possibilities are endless.

Rock CraftsMartha Stewart

Another way to paint rocks is with melted crayon. With a little supervision kids can make their own brightly colored rocks which can then be used in so many different ways: as game pieces, pet rocks, or garden markers for instance.

DIY Crayon RocksThink Crafts

Once everyone  has painted and decorated some of the rocks they’ve collected you’ll be ready to play this unique version of tic tac toe!

Ladybugs vs. Tadpoles Outdoor Tic Tac Toe GameAtta Girl Says

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