Macrame Wall Hanging

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

I am obsessed with things that go on the walls. Everything. I want to own it all and make it all, I want my wall art to be the coolest. It’s not, but my collection is a work in progress.

If you want something very easy to make that will make all your friends go “oooh,” because they’re so impressed, make a macramé wall hanging. They’re fun, classy, and can be seriously gorgeous.

You will need:

Alright! To start, you will need to cut each piece of rope to the proper length. I sort of just eyeball this, keeping in mind that each individual rope will be folded in half, in turn cutting the length of the rope in half. The length of your rope will depend on how long your wall hanging will be and what patterns you will be using. It’s always better to cut them too long than too short. I also advise taping your rope where you will be cutting it prior to cutting to keep the ends from fraying while you work.

After your rope pieces are cut, fold each piece in half and attach to your dowel/rod using the same technique found in this tutorial. Add as many pieces as you would like until your wall hanging is the width you want it to be.


Most basic wall hangings utilize the square knot. You can create one square knot at a time using alternating pieces of rope to create a diamond pattern, or you can stack your square knots to make one long square knot rope.

To make a square knot:


You will start by taking four pieces of rope, next to each other on your dowel. Bring the left-most piece of rope over the middle two in the front.


Bring the right-most piece of rope over the left-most that has now been brought to the right, then behind the two middle pieces

4 (2)

And through the hole made by the left piece, brought from the back to the front, making a knot. Pull tight.


Shown here is a stack of square knots. To complete one knot, you will then need to repeat what you’ve already done, but the right-most piece of rope now goes over the middle two pieces, and the left piece is brought over, behind, and through the hole. Tighten again.




You can make these knots and alternate which ropes you are using to create a diamond pattern.

Another knot frequently used while doing macramé is the horizontal double half hitch. Although most people use a pre-existing rope on their macramé piece as the anchor, I prefer to add a scrap piece as the anchor and tuck it away later using hot glue or super glue.

To make a horizontal double half hitch knot:


Grab the piece of rope you plan to use as an anchor. Starting from the left-most piece of rope on your wall hanging, wind each piece around the anchor rope one time (or twice, if the gap from one piece of rope to the next is large), like this:




Until you get to the end of your piece.

Find a way to protect your piece from your cat.


You do not have to use these knots if you would like your wall hanging to be more simple, like the one I have pictured above. Or, you can do something like this to start your wall hanging, then use the simple square knot for the rest of your piece.


Get creative! You can use just these three knots in an endless amount of combinations, in different placements, different amounts, to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

In my next post, I will show you all how to use yarn to add a little color and extra texture to your wall hangings. As always, share your results with me, I’d love to see them!

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