Sweet Swaddle Blanket

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sweet Swaddle Blanket

With summer temperatures just around the corner, make this breezy cotton swaddle blanket for all those summer babies about to be born.  The lightweight, and stretchy cotton material make it great for breathable summer swaddling, and the fun custom print makes it a great personalized baby gift.

Swaddle 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own swaddle blanket:

Swaddle 3

To begin, prewash and dry your fabric.  Next create your stamp.  To do so, draw or trace your design onto the foam.  Try to keep your design fairy simple, as this type of printing (and the crinkly nature of the fabric) doesn’t lend itself to high detail.  Cut our your design with your scissors and craft knife, and then use the E6000 adhesive to stick your foam cut-out to the block of wood.  Place under a heavy object (with a paper in between) until dry.  Now you’re ready to begin stamping!  (For more detail instructions about creating your own stamp, and stamping fabric with it, please see my previous tutorial HERE.)  On one of the paper plates, mix your first color acrylic paint with the textile medium according to the directions on the bottle.

Swaddle 4

Use your paintbrush to evenly apply a layer of paint to your second paper plate.  Roll your brayer back and forth across the plate until it is evenly coated.  Then, immediately roll the brayer across your stamp, being sure to cover the entire surface.  Roll again, if needed.  Quickly press the stamp onto the fabric, pressing with a firm and slight rocking pressure to make sure all parts of the stamp are hitting the fabric.

Swaddle 5

Remove the stamp, and repeat.  Don’t worry if every stamp isn’t perfect; that’s part of the charm of hand-stamped fabric.

Swaddle 6

Swaddle 7

Print all of one color at the same time, and let that color dry before you try to print the next color.  Use a ruler, or a marked sheet of paper to help you evenly space your design as you print, if need be.  Repeat the process with the next color.

Swaddle 8

Repeat the process with the third color.  I recommend not using more than 3 colors on each blanket, or it gets tedious printing, and the design looks too busy.  Let your stamping dry thoroughly, and then follow the directions on the bottle of textile medium for setting the paint.  Once the paint has set, use your sewing machine to hem the edge of the blanket by either just turning the edge under, or by creating a rolled hem with a rolled hem foot.  Now you have a lovely custom swaddle blanket for a special baby in your life!


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