Create An Interactive Window For Your Layout

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Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

Create An Interactive Window For Your Layout

We’ve all seen them.  Interactive window cards are a lot of fun to receive.  Now you can make your layouts interactive, too.  Double the fun of looking at your scrapped photos by creating this interactive window that will not only showcase that wonderful picture, but can tell about it, too.


Begin by printing and trimming with a paper trimmer your favorite photo you will be using for this layout.  This photo was trimmed to 4 ¼” square.


Now, cut a piece of cardstock that measures 1” larger on all sides than your photo on one half of the cardstock. Then, make sure to double the length of the cardstock to create the back cover.   For the 4 ¼” square photo shown for this project, the cardstock was cut to 5 ¼” x 10 ½”.   Score it in half using a scoring board and fold it on the score line.


Place the photo on the inside of the piece and trace around it.


Create a smaller frame by measuring in 3/8” from the lines you just traced.


Draw an “x” through the center of the smaller frame using a ruler.


Cut on the lines using a craft knife and self healing mat to open the center of the frame.


Place the cardstock onto the scoring board making sure to ling up the small square with one of the grooves on the board.  Score on the line and turn it and line it up again.  Do this for all 4 of the sides.  This will help create a groove that the blade of your craft knife will easily move along to make a clean cut and giving you a finished, straight edge for the frame.


Cut off all of the flaps using the score line that you made in the step above.


Trim a piece of white cardstock that is long enough for you do place the information you want about your picture on it.  It can be as large as you need it because it will go behind the picture and will not interfere with the frame opening.  Stamp with an alphabet stamp set or write the information onto the piece.


Place the slider card onto the base so that it is inside of the base with a small area sticking out to pull it out. Do not place it directly at the bottom of the base.  Make a mark at the left edge of it.  This will show where it should stop when it is completely slid inside.  Also, pull it out so that all of the information is showing as if it had been pulled out.  Make a mark at the left edge of it there, too.  This will show you how far you will need to cut the track.  Draw a rectangle that will allow the 3-d adhesive that you have chosen to use to fit snuggly into the track and allow it to easily slide.  You may have to do a little trimming on it to get it to work correctly.  The beginning of the track should start so that the piece is completely hidden inside and the end of the track should be at the spot you marked where the slider piece ends when it is fully extended out.


Turn the entire piece over so that you are working from the back of it and line up the slider with the track.  Add a piece of adhesive to the area that is showing through the slider.  Note:  You should not be seeing your journaling through the track, but it can be helpful to stamp a word or make a note on the back so that you know the journaling is going in the correct direction before assembling everything.  It will not be showing in the finished piece once it is attached to the scrapbook page.


Now cut a small square with a pair of scissors or use a circle punch and punch a circle to attach to the adhesive to hold the piece in the track.



Add some more adhesive to all of the corners to hold it closed and leave enough room for it to slide.  If you find that the cardstock wants to let go when sliding the card you can add a little glue to it where it sticks to the 3-d adhesive.


Add lines of tape from a tape runner around the opening and attach the picture to it.


This is what it will look like once you are done.  See how the 3-d adhesive helps to act as a guide for the pull out?  Now remove the covering from each piece and close the base.

Attach it to your scrapbook paper using some more dimensional adhesive on the back of it.  Finish the layout by adding embellishments such as flowers, die cuts, twine and anything else of your choice.

Have some fun while looking through your scrapbooks by creating an interactive page and a window to showcase your favorite photo.  Share your journaling in a fun new way that is sure to get everyone excited about the picture.  You have a great story to tell through your photos so be sure to tell it in a way they will remember!


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Peg Rounds lives in East Moline, Illinois with her husband and best friend, Kevin and their son Josh and 2 dogs. She was an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, and later a home school mom. Over the years, she designed cakes on the side and went to school to become a certified chocolatier. She always has loved to craft since she was young and it was something that she wanted to be doing, but set it aside due to her busy life. After 15 years of doing cakes she decided it was time to stop and focus more on her family. She began doing layouts, then cards and it went from there. Before she knew it, next to spending time with her family, she spent every free moment creating something and blogging about it. One thing led to another and here she is today! Check out Peg's blog, Peg's Crafting Corner to see what else she has been up to!

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