Dog Necktie

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

DIY Dog Necktie

May is the season of graduation and weddings.  If your dog is going to either, you want them to look their very best!  If a Dog Bow Tie isn’t his style, a Dog Necktie is the perfect way to dress up your dog without annoying him (too much.)  This pairs great with the Shirt Collar Dog Collar to make your dog super dapper!



  1. Starting at the skinny end of the tie, cut approximately 14” of tie off. My dog is a medium size dog; if your dog is bigger or smaller, cut a longer or shorter amount of tie.


  1. Fold approximately 2” of tie over onto the back side and pin in place.


  1. Run a ¼” seam over the bottom of the fold.


  1. Cut 3” more off the skinny end of the tie


  1. Fold this piece of tie in half with the right sides facing each other. Pin in place.


  1. Run a ½” seam where the two ends come together.
  2. Turn the tube you created right side out.


  1. Slip the tube up over the tie from Step 3 until you reach your seam.


  1. Slip the loop at the top over any collar and enjoy how cute your dog looks in a tie!

DIY Dog Neck Tie

DIY Doggie Necktie

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Courteney will be sharing sewing, crafting, and DIY projects. Her philosophy is simple: crafting makes life better. Her projects will help you realize how easy and cost effective it is to make things for yourself. Courteney is a high school science teacher who lives in Atlanta, GA. Between raising her dog, Padfoot, and teaching she keeps pretty busy but always finds time to be creative. Her mom taught her to sew very early in life, and it has remained one of her favorite activities into adulthood. Although sewing is quickly becoming a lost art; Courteney hopes you will join her in revitalizing this skill with many fun and practical projects. Catch up with Courteney at her blog, Crafting with Court, where she shares all the projects she’s working on.

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