Brown Bag Blank Wreath

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a blank wreath with recycled materials for any occasion!

Have you ever wanted to make a wreath but didn’t have a wreath form to build it on, or simply didn’t want to spend the cash to buy one?  Here’s a way to make a blank wreath of whatever size you desire, with things you have in the recycling bin.  As this wreath is made from paper and cardboard, I don’t recommend hanging it anywhere it will be exposed to the elements, but it’s fantastic for indoor use.

Bag 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own wreath:

Bag 3

To begin, measure and draw the size wreath you desire onto the cardboard.  I cheated and found a plate the correct size, traced it onto my cardboard, and then found a smaller plate to trace inside that circle to form the center.  However you do it, draw your wreath onto the cardboard, and then use your knife to cut out the ring.

Next, cut the end out of one of your grocery bags, and then cut up one of the sides so you have a large rectangle.  Cut 1.5″ wide strips the long way out of your grocery bag rectangle.  Using your glue gun, glue several strips end-to-end, and then begin to twist them into a “rope.”

Bag 4

There are two ways you can choose to adhere the “rope” to your wreath.  The first way is to wind the rope over, and over around the width of the wreath.  Keep the wraps right next to each other, not overlapping them, and use the hot glue to tack down the coils as you go.

Bag 5

The second way is to coil the rope around on the top of the wreath, spiraling outward as you wind around.  This is the method I chose for this wreath.  Tack down the end of the paper rope on the inside of the circle, and begin tracing the inner edge, gluing as you go.

Bag 6

Continue coiling the rope outwardly, keeping the coils right next to each other, until you have the entire wreath covered.  You will have to glue more strips onto the end of your coil as you work.  When you reach the edge, cut off the excess, and tuck and glue the end.

Bag 7

To make decorative wraps on your wreath, glue the end of the rope to the back edge of the wreath, and wrap the rope over, and over the width of the wreath a few times.  Cut the extra, and glue the end onto the back to hide the end.  Make 3 wraps spaced evenly around the wreath.

To make a hanger, glue a loop of twine or ribbon to the back.  Now you have a blank wreath to decorate however you desire!  Try using this method to make wreaths of all sizes and shapes.  How will you decorate yours?

Happy crafting!

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One thought on “Brown Bag Blank Wreath

  1. cath t

    Good grief–I have to go rescue some recently discarded brown packing material from the recycling bin. I LOVE this wreath. It looks terrific, and it’s nearly free. Love the detail that makes it look special.

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