Chalkboard Wine Bottles for a Unique Centerpiece

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By General Crafts Contributor Ashley from the Blog Ash and Crafts.

DIY Chalkboard Centerpieces

Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing a lot of up-cycling projects using glass bottles and I’ve been on a bit of a chalk paint kick lately, so I decided to combine the two into a chalkboard table centerpiece that can also be used for numbering tables! I wanted some parts of the written labels on the bottles to be more noticeable, so I used a glue gun for an embossed effect. This is a great and simple way to up cycle your leftover glass bottles by turning into a fun and reusable table centerpiece!




First, use the glue gun to write or draw on the glass bottles. When you paint over this, it will create nice embossed lines to make your chalk lines stand out more. Make sure to pull off any stray strings of glue because it will show up after being painted.


I painted the first coat with vertical strokes, the second coat with horizontal strokes, and the final third coat vertically. This ensured even coverage on the glass bottles.

Chalkboard Table Markers

After the paint has dried, lightly rub a piece of chalk all over the bottle to give the bottles a chalky texture. Using a firmer hand, trace over your glue drawing with the piece of chalk. In this image, I used a piece of chalk and found that it didn’t stand out enough. I later used a chalk marker which worked much better for tracing the raised lines.

DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle Centerpieces

If you do not like the black color, chalkboard paint also comes in a variety of colors. I have found that you can mix in a little bit of regular acrylic paint to create another color without losing the chalkboard texture. In the above image, I actually painted over the previously black bottles, and decided to do less coats to give it a slightly distressed look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’d love to see your take on it!

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