April Showers Necklace

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

April Showers Necklace

Don’t let the dreariness of April showers get you down, create this sparkly accessory to bring some April cheer instead!

April 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own necklace:

April 3

We’ll begin the necklace by forming the wire cloud.  To begin, use your round nose pliers to bend a small loop into the end of your 16 gauge wire.  Instead of cutting a length of wire, I suggest working directly from the roll or wire, unrolling it as you work.

April 4

Begin bending your wire into a series of loops and curves to form a cloud shape.

April 5

Curve the wire into gentle arcs, and add loops here and there to add interest. To make the loops, I suggest holding the wire with the rounded pliers, and wrapping the wire around the plier to form the loop.

April 6

To finish your cloud, create a place where the beginning and end of the wire cloud butt up against each other so you can wire the shape together.

April 7

Using your steel bench block and a hammer, gently flatten your wire cloud shape.  This will not only add interest, but tapping the metal will harden the wire and help it to retain its shape.  Do not overly flatten the areas where the wire crosses over itself, as the wire can become too thin and weak at these joints and break.  As you gently tap your wire, you’ll notice that it will become more stiff.  Be sure to tap the entire cloud so it is all evenly hardened;  you can gently try to bend the wire in different areas to make sure it is all hardening the same.

April 8

To make your crystal raindrops, cut a 2.5″ length of 20 gauge wire, and use your needle nose pliers to bend a tiny loop into the end.  Slide your bead onto the wire so it is resting on the loop.  Using your round nose pliers, begin bending a loop at the top of the bead.  Do not close the loop! Leave a bit of space between the top of your bead and the loop so you will have room to make wire wraps.

April 9

Next, slide the open loop onto your wire cloud where you want the raindrop to hang.

April 10

Grasping the open loop with your round nose pliers, finish wrapping the wire around the pliers to close the loop, and then wrap the tail of the wire around, and around the wire “stem” above the bead and onto the top of the bead.  Don’t feel like you have to wrap the entire tail of wire that’s left around the bead, just wrap until you’re happy with how it looks, cut off any extra, and use your needle nose pliers to pinch the end flush with the wrapped wire.

April 11

Repeat the above process with your other raindrops.

April 12

Use a small piece of your 26 gauge wire to join the wire cloud shape together by tightly wrapping  the area where the wire butts up against each other.  Pinch the wrap with your needle nose pliers to flatten it, if you wish.

April 13

Decide what length you want your chain, and cut 2 equal lengths.  Using your needle nose pliers, carefully twist open a jump ring and slip it through the end of your chain, and then onto one side of the top of your wire cloud shape.  Twist closed.

April 14

Repeat the above step with the second length of chain, and then attach your lobster claw clap and another jump ring to the opposite ends of your chain so you can fasten it.

April Showers Necklace

Now, Put on your new necklace and celebrate April showers in sparkly style!

April Showers Statement Necklace

Happy Crafting!

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One thought on “April Showers Necklace

  1. Melissa Page

    May I first say that you have a lovely, model-ish neck? The necklace is so pretty. I think I’ll try making one with a longer chain and my personalized pendant.

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