Crochet Gift Bowl

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilight Kallisti

DIY Crochet Bowl

Invited to a party and need a gift? A crochet gift bowl is a quick project that leaves an impression. Make one in a pastel color and fill it with baby socks and pacifiers for a baby shower. Make one in a cotton yarn and fill with washcloths, fancy soap and hand lotion for a housewarming party. Or make one in your favorite color and fill it with your candy to treat yourself!

Crochet Bowl for Gifts

This pattern is highly flexible. Want to make this bowl out of thicker or thinner yarn? No problem! Just use an appropriate crochet hook for your chosen yarn and follow the pattern as is. Want to make a smaller or larger bowl? I address that in the Variation section of the pattern.

Bowl Crochet Pattern




Difficulty Level

DIY Gift Bowl Crochet Pattern



Crochet Bowl

Solid Color Bowl


Ruffle Contrast

Contrasting Ruffle Bowl

Bowl yarn:

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn 2.5 oz. #84 Sage Green


Ruffle yarn:

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn 2.5 oz. #1318 Black Currant

Size H//5.0mm

16 stitches/10 rows = 4 inches

small bowl

Finished Measurements:
4 1/4″ wide, 4″ tall, 14 1/2″ circumference of bowl

Pattern Notes

CH = chain, DC = double crochet, RND = round, SL ST = slip stitch, STS = stitches, * = repeat directions between *




CH 6, join into a ring

CH 3 (the CH 3 will count as your first stitch for each round)

Work 11 DC in ring

Join round with SL ST to top of CH 3 (each round will end with this type of join)

12  STS



CH 3, DC into first stitch, then 2 DC into every stitch

24  STS



CH 3, *DC around row, 2 DC into every second stitch*

36 STS



CH 3, DC around row, 2 DC into every third stitch*

48  STS



CH 3, *DC around row, 2 DC into every forth stitch*

60  STS


Continue in DC until piece measures 3″, approx seven more rounds



For smaller bowls-Follow instructions until desired size. Continue onto Tie RND.


For larger bowls-DC into every fifth, sixth, seventh stitch (and so on) every row until you reach desired size. Then continue in DC until piece measures desired height. Continue onto Tie RND.


(Tie RND and Ruffle will have more stitches due to pattern alteration.)



This round is more “open” so tie can be woven through

CH 3, *DC one stitch, CH 1*

30 stitches



If using contrasting color for ruffle switch yarns before Ruffle RND 1


CH 3, 2 DC into one stitch, *DC, 2DC until end of row*

90 STS



CH 3, 2 DC into one stitch, *DC, 2DC until end of row*

135 STS

DIY Crochet Bowl



Cut three lengths of 25″ yarn. Tie knot, braid pieces, tie knot at end. Weave the cord into the “open row” under the ruffle.


Weave in ends


Fill with goodies!

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