Brown Paper Bunny

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Brown Paper Bunny

Hippity-hop your way through Easter by making this sweet bunny of brown paper. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Bunny 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own bunny:

Bunny 3

To begin, cut the bunny pattern out of the printed sheet.  Using your pencil, trace the pattern onto the brown paper bag.  Cut out the pattern pieces.

Begin gluing your bunny together by running a bead of hot glue about  1/4-inch away from the edge of your first piece, and then sandwiching the other paper piece on top.  Don’t try to glue the entire bunny at once, work in 2-3 inch long sections.  I suggest beginning to glue at the ears, and lightly stuff them with crumpled tissue paper as you glue.  Don’t stuff the bunny too firmly, just enough to give him some dimension.

Bunny 4

When you’ve completely glued and stuffed your bunny, thread a tapestry needle with a length of embroidery floss.  Don’t separate the strands, use all of them so your stitching will stand out as decoration.  Run a blanket stitch all around the edge of your bunny, starting each stitch just below the glued “seam” so you have nice big stitches that show up.

Bunny 5

Bunny 6

To make the felt tail, cut a 1 1/2-inch circle from the white felt, and one 12-inch long strip that is 1/2-inch wide.  I was using up a scrap of white felt, and so cut two 6-inch strips of felt and glued them together.  It doesn’t matter if you piece it, it’s not going to show.

Bunny 7

Fold the end of the strip over into a point and glue it down.  Glue the point to the center of the felt circle.

Bunny 8

Begin twisting the felt strip until it forms a loosely coiled tube.

Bunny 9

Begin coiling the tube around the glued center, tacking it down with hot glue as you wind it into a circle.  When you reach the edge, cut off any extra felt, and glue the end down.  Glue your completed tail onto your paper bunny.

Bunny 10

Using the small round paintbrush, paint a decorative pattern in glue onto your bunny.  Don’t get too detailed or it will get lost when you add the glitter.  Before the glue dries, sprinkle with glitter, and tap off the excess.  Let dry completely.

DIY Paper Bunny

Tie a length of velvet ribbon around a your bunny’s neck and make a bow.  Thread a small length of embroidery floss through the wire loops of 3 small glass balls (or maybe 1, if they’re a larger size) to form a small cluster.  Tightly tie the cluster onto the center of your bunny’s velvet ribbon bow.  Select a small button for an eye, and use the hot glue to stick it in place.

DIY Brown Paper Bunny

Now admire your cute brown paper bunny!  Use him to decorate just as he is, put him on a wreath, or glue a loop of ribbon on the back to hang him on the wall.  How will you decorate with your bunny?

Happy crafting!





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One thought on “Brown Paper Bunny

  1. lisa

    we used to make these in the 70’s & painted them with a sealer .. gives them a shiny finish 🙂

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