Wood Burned Coasters

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DIY Wood Coasters

I’m always on the hunt for a new craft to try out, so when I found a wood burning tool in our offices, I knew I had to heat it up and give it a whirl. I’m loving the geometric design trend that’s taking over the DIY world, so I knew right away what I would be etching into some wood we had in the office. But what to make?

Wood Burned Coasters

I decided to craft up some coasters because I’m slowly starting to collect real adult furniture that I actually want to protect from my coffee while knitting addiction and my daily ice cold sparkling water. These coasters add a really natural design element which blends right in with my personal style. They’re the perfect useful art piece!

What You Need:

How to Make Them:



Measure out 4 inch squares of your balsa wood.


Use your ruler and craft knife to slowly cut out each square. I ran my knife through the cut over and over again until it went through the wood entirely. This will give you the cleanest slice.


Sand your cut edges to make them as straight and smooth as possible.


Lightly sketch out the design you would like to burn onto your coaster. I chose a geometric design that required me to create a grid first. If you do something like this, make sure you mark your grid as lightly as possible. Balsa wood is very soft.


Warm up your wood burner and slowly trace out your design. For longer straight pieces, I felt it was helpful to use the metal ruler as a guide. If your ruler is not metal, don’t use it with the wood burner, it’s very hot and could ruin the ruler! I didn’t need the straight edge for any of the shorter pieces, and actually found that it got in the way.


Once you’re done, erase any excess pencil marks and give it a light sand to remove anything you couldn’t get out with an eraser. Make sure your coasters are completely clean from wood shavings or eraser shavings, then take them outside and spray them with your sealer spray.


While your coasters are drying, mark out 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch squares on the back side of your leather.


Cut them out in the same way that you did with the wood.


Mark out where you want the corners of the leather to be on the underside of your coaster.

Glue the leather onto your coaster. Make sure to press down firmly and gently wipe away any excess glue with a damp paper towel. Let dry with something heavy on top.

Wood Coasters

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

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