DIY Cardstock Mobile

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DIY Cardstock Mobile

Nursery prep is well under way, the walls are painted, furniture put together…I must be nesting. Inspired by Pinterest I set out to make a mobile to go over the crib. The mobile is fun, easy and a great way to use up some scrap cardstock or paper that you have in your stash.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

How to Make it:


Start by painting the inside ring of the embroidery hoop white. Once it was dry, I measured around the hoop marking every 1 ½ inch, not only will this make evenly spacing my strings easy, but will also determine how many strings of paper dots I need.

Next select cardstock. For variety I selected 3 different shades of 4 colors (Teal/Aqua, Pink, Grey and Yellow). And then start punching. I planned on using 2 paper dots of each color per string, which means I will need 56 per color. I wasn’t too picky about how many of each shade I had per color, because I planned on mixing them up.

Sewing Dots

Pull out the sewing machine, and feed the dots through the machine to make the string of 8 dots.  To try to get even space between dots, I would let the pervious dot get to the back end of my presser foot before I would add on the next.

Attaching Dots

Next glue the strings to your embroidery hoop. I dabbed a dot of hot glue on the marks on the hoop, and then wrapped the excess thread around the hoop a few times to secure the strings. Trimming any extra I had as I went along. (Tip: To try to get my top dots even I measure and marked the top of the sting at 3 ½ inches and tried to get that placed in the middle of the side of the hoop.)


Cut 4, 12 inches pieces of ribbon, and then glue these to the hoop as well. These are going to be used to help hang the mobile so you want them spaced evenly around the ring so it will not be lopsided.  Then attach these to a cabone ring. You can either tie the ribbon the ring, or I just made a few quick stitches to secure the ribbon to the ring.


To finish up, glue ribbon to the outside of the hoop. This will cover up where the strings and ribbon are attached to the hoop, and add a little extra touch.

Cardstock Mobile for Baby

Please let me know if you try to make your own!

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