Lucky Crepe Paper Shamrocks

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Crepe Paper Shamrocks

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  Bring a “bit ‘o luck” to your home with a bouquet of these cute crepe paper shamrocks.


Shamrock 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own lucky bouquet:

Shamrock 3

Unfold your crepe paper, and cut a strip 8-inches wide.  Be sure you’re cutting with the grain of the paper, so the lines are running across the long way.  Fold up 2-inches across the long length of your strip, and then fold up the rest of your paper, back and forth (accordian style), until you are left with a 2-inch strip.  You should have made 4 folds.  Cut a 2-inch piece off of the end.

Shamrock 4

Fold the 2-inch square in half, with the grain.  The folded edges should all be stacked together now, and the cut edges will be top and bottom.

Shamrock 5

Beginning at the bottom edge, about 1/8-inch from the folded edge on the right, cut up slightly, and then cut half of a heart shape, ending back at the fold on the right.  (See above photo.)

Shamrock 6

Open up your stack of folded papers, and you should have a stack of 4 shapes that looks a bit like a heart with, instead of a pointed end, a flat bottom.

Shamrock 7

Tightly wrap the end and top 1/2-inch of one of your green chenille stems with floral tape.

Shamrock 8

Attach your first leaf to the stem by placing the base of the leaf about  1/4-inch below the tip of the chenille stem, and wrapping another piece of floral tape tightly around it to secure it.  Pull the floral tape a bit as you wrap it to help it stretch and stick.  Place your next leaf directly opposite the first, and secure in the same manner.

Shamrock 9

Secure the next two leaves on either side of the first ones.  You may have to bend the first leaves in slightly in order to position the new leaves.

Shamrock 10

Now carefully pull back your leaves to open up your shamrock.  You can shape your leaves a bit by gently pulling and stretching the middle and edges of each leaf to add some dimension to them.  To add a bit of magic to your shamrocks, use a small paintbrush with school glue to add some veins to the middle of each leaf, and then cover them with glitter, shaking off the excess.  Let dry, and then arrange them in a vase or jar.

Happy crafting!


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