Kid’s Crafts: Fun with Watercolors

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When teaching arts and crafts my primary goal is to give young children experience with mediums that they will be able to use  independently to discover the world around them and to express themselves through their work. Watercolors are a great medium for experimentation, discovery and self expression because there are so many ways to paint with watercolors. Let your children experience the varied effects of incorporating some of the following into your watercolor paintings: salt and ice, oil, rice, stickers, tape and glue, brushes and straws to name a few! Here’s a roundup of ideas for projects to inspire your kids at home or in the classroom.

There are a few different ways to paint with bubbles. Some use straws, some use wands. Either way you choose to make your bubbles this craft is going to be a hit with the kids. And when they’re done they can use the paper to wrap presents for friends and family. You can even use newsprint or other recycled paper to make this project even more sustainable.

Bubble Wrapping Paper Think Crafts Blog – Stephanie

When I first read this tutorial ‘family’ crafting came to mind because the first part of the project is appropriate for all ages and the final stages would be appeal to older children and young adults. I love being able to say in my classroom or at home ‘we made this together’. This craft project would make lovely wall art for the kids’ rooms as well!


Painting with rain is a wonderful way to utilize your natural environment in artwork, but it also adds an element of spontaneity and surprise to watercolor painting. This would be a great art project to use during a weather unit.

Painting with the RainNurture Store 

Making your own watercolor paints with fresh flowers emphasizes the creativity and ingenuity that drives the scientific method. Notice how child driven this tutorial is. Projects like these give children confidence with science experiments and teaches how to put curiosity to work and how to make something from scratch!

Natural Watercolor Paint from Fresh FlowersLearn Play Imagine

Salt painting also incorporates science and experimentation into the pleasure of painting and creating. This project is geared towards young children, but you could easily adapt this for older children as well. I like to teach a different effect with watercolors each week and then after the kids understand the possibilities of each effect I make them all available during a ‘free paint’ and watch the kids choose how to use their tools and express themselves through painting.

Salt Painting Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

This is a relaxing painting project for a cold winter day. This one would be fun for kids who want to create a winter scape but are intimidated by drawing and painting objects. Older children may want to create their own images using scissors. You could also add stickers and other embellishments, especially if you decide to use this project to make your own cards!

Winter Birch Trees Art Projects for Kids

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