Vintage Valentine Animal Garland

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Vintage Animal Valentine Garland

Here’s  a super cute, very simple project to add some vintage charm to your Valentine’s Day decorating.  Add a little retro charm to Valentine’s Day this year with this sweet garland.  Print the provided PDF files that I created using vintage Valentine’s graphics from The Graphics Fairy and The Old Design Shop, and get crafting!

Animal 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own garland:

One printed copy on cardstock of each: Animal Heads PDF, and Valentines PDF.


Red, white and pink crepe paper.

Red, white and pink bump chenille stems.

3/16″ pom-poms.

Sulyn Glitter Vintage Sparkle, Slivered Tinsel Town.

Various colors of fine glitter.

Darice Foamies Sticker Glitter Hearts, Red and Pink.

Melissa Frances Old Fashioned Rope Tinsel, Silver.

Jewel stickers.

School glue.

Small paintbrush.

Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Animal 3

To begin, cut out the animal heads you want to use from the PDF file print out.  Choose a color of bump chenille to use for the body.  Cut the bump chenille stem in half.  Fold one of the remaining halves in half, pinching the fold into a point.

Animal 4

Take the second half of the chenille stem, and position the middle of it across the point you folded into the first half.  Wrap the ends around, and around the point to form arms.

Animal 5

Using your hot glue, glue the head just above the point where you wrapped the arms around.  Repeat the process for the other animals.

Animal 6

Now it’s time to decorate your animals!  To add bows/bowties, cut a small rectangle of crepe paper.  Pinch the middle, and give it a twist to hold it.  Then add a dab of glue to the center, and attach to your animal.  Add a tiny pom-pom or jeweled sticker to the center to be the knot.

Animal 7

Animal 8

To make a skirt or dress for you animals, Cut a strip of crepe paper the length you want the skirt/dress to be, and 3 times longer than you want the final skirt to be.  Begin bunching the length of the strip, and glue the gathered edge around the waist of your animal to form the dress.  Glue the ends of the strip together in the back, and then slightly stretch and fluff the crepe paper to shape the skirt.  To make a tu-tu skirt, cut a strip 1 1/2 inches wide and about 4 inches long, and fold it in half lenthwise, before you bunch the strip along the fold.  After you glue it around the animal’s waist (glue the folded edge), carefully separate the two layers, and fluff them for a fuller tu-tu.

Animal 9

After you’ve added the crepe paper elements to your animals, cut out some hearts and bouquets from  the Valentines PDF file print out, and glue them onto your animal’s hands so they are holding them,  Be sure to only glue them onto one hand of each animal so you can have them link arms together to create the garland.

Animal 10

Using your school glue and a tiny paint brush, highlight areas of your animals’ crepe paper outfits and the Valentines that they’re holding, then sprinkle with glitter.  Tap to remove excess glitter, and then let dry.  Add silver tinsel, glitter hearts and jewel stickers to further embellish your animals.

Animal 11

When you’ve completed all of your animals, next make the hearts we’ll use to link them together.  To make a heart, cut one bump chenille stem in half.  Take one half of the stem and bend it in half, into “V” shape.  Then gently curve each end down, to form a heart shape, and glue then ends together into the bottom point of the heart.  Repeat until you have enough hearts to link all of your animals together with one heart between each pair.

Animal 12

Gently bend your animals arms in towards their bodies, at the middle of each arm, to form elbows.  Slip a chenille stem heart around the elbow of your first animal, and bend the arm to hold the heart in place.  Repeat the process with another animal on the other side of the heart, and then continue linking hearts and animals together until you reach the desired length of your garland.

Animal 13

Animal 14

These little animals make a darling garland, but would also be cute by themselves, on a wreath, or to hold candy as a Valentine to give away to someone you love.  What other fun ideas can you think of to use these cute little guys?

Valentine Animal Garland

Happy Crafting!

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