Cupid’s Cute Quiver

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create Cupid's Quiver

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Make sure love is in the air in your home by crafting your own cute quiver of Cupid’s arrows to display.

Cupid 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own quiver:

Cupid 3

Cupid 4

Use one of your small paintbrushes to carefully paint designs on your feathers in school glue.  I chose to paint chevrons, stripes and to simply outline the edges of my feathers.  You could also do polka-dots or swirls.  Once you have painted your design in glue, work quickly to cover the glue with the gold glitter, and then tap off the extra.  Glue and glitter each feather individually; don’t try to paint the glue onto all of the feathers in one step, and then glitter them all next, or your glue will dry too much for the glitter to stick.  Let your feathers dry completely before working with them.

Cupid 5

Gather the feathers for your first arrow into a bundle, and tack them to the end of your first dowel with a small dab of hot glue.  Carefully tack the end of your embroidery floss onto the bundle, and begin wrapping the floss around the end of the bundle, and down the stick to cover and decorate the end of your arrow.  Repeat with the other feathers and dowels.

Cupid 6

Cupid 7

To make the arrows with the heart “arrowheads,” we’re going to use new dowels that do not have feathers glued to the ends.  Since once we stick the arrows into the quiver, only one end of the arrow will show, we’re going to make some of the arrows with just arrowheads, and some with just the feather fletching.  To make the arrowheads, cut small hearts (in multiples of 2) out of your red felt.  My hearts were about 1 1/2 inches tall.  Using a dowel with no feathers on the end, hot glue one of the red hearts onto the end, the point of the heart facing down.  Cover the surface of the heart with more hot glue, and put the other felt heart on top, sandwiching the dowel in between the hearts.  Glue the rest of your arrowheads in the same manner.

Cupid 8

To make your quiver, cut one of the large panels out of the paper grocery bag.  Lay the paper panel out horizontally, so any printing is facing you.  Fold the long horizontal edge down a couple of inches, and use the hot glue to stick it in place.

Begin rolling  the paper into a tube, from the short end, gluing as you go to hold it in place.  I used an empty soda can to help roll and glue.

Cupid 9

Gently press the end of the tube together, and glue.  Then fold the end up 1/2″, and glue to hold in place.

Cupid 10

Using your red acrylic paint, paint a heart on the front of your paper quiver.  Let dry, and then cover with school glue and glitter.  Tap off extra glitter and let dry.  When dry, glue a band of the scalloped velvet ribbon along the top edge, and a length of jute from the top edge to the bottom.

Cupid 11

Using your crocheted lace, form a rosette by bunching and gluing a length of lace into a circle.

Cupid 12

Glue lengths of different ribbons into a bundle, and then glue your rosette of lace on top to hide the glued edges.  Glue the brass button into the middle of the lace rosette.  Glue the rosette and ribbon decoration to the top edge of your quiver.

Cupid's Cute Quiver

Crumple up some of your leftover brown paper bag and push it into the bottom of your quiver so you have a surface to glue your arrows to.  Arrange your arrows in your quiver by putting a dab of hot glue onto the un-decorated ends of the arrows, and then attaching them to the inside of the quiver.

Cupid's Quiver for Valentine's Day

Happy crafting!

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