Sunny Day Wreath

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sunny Day Wreath

Make this cheerful wreath to shine through the winter gloom and add some sunny spring decor to your home!

Sun 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own sunny wreath:

Sun 3

To begin, draw a 6-inch circle on your cardboard.  Measure in 3/4″, and draw another smaller circle inside, so you have a wreath shape.  This doesn’t have to be really precise, it’s just going to be the base that we build the wreath on, so just make sure it is fairly round.  Cut out the circle using your craft knife, and then paint it yellow on one side.  Let dry.

Sun 4

Lay all of your dowels out side-by-side in a row so they are touching, and the ends are fairly even. Lay a strip of masking tape across the center of your row to hold them in place, and then carefully fold the ends of the tape behind and across the middle on the back.  Add another strip of tape on top of the first to secure, if needed.  (See above photo)  Using your large flat brush, paint the dowels white.  Brush your paint lengthwise, up and down the dowels, and try to work your paint down in between the dowels to cover the sides.  Don’t get too nit-picky, the sides of the dowels don’t have to be perfectly covered, as they won’t really show too much in the end.  When the front is dry, turn your bundle over and paint the back as well.  Let dry.

Sun 5

Sun 6

Using your smaller flat brush and your yellow acrylic paint, begin brushing stripes across the dowel bundle.  When the front is dry, turn the bundle over and paint stripes on the back as well.  Let dry.  Remove tape, and then carefully break the dowels in half.  I just used my hands and roughly broke the dowels.  If you want a smoother break, score the dowel first with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.  It doesn’t  really matter if you get a rough break though, the ends will be covered up and not show.

Sun 7

Cut six 3-inch circles from your yellow felt.  Cut twelve 12″x3/4″ strips from the yellow felt.  Glue two of the strips together end-to-end so you have a 24″ long strip.  Repeat with the remaining strips of felt so you finish with six 24″ strips of felt.  Take one of the 24″ strips of felt and fold and glue the end into a point.  Glue the point onto the center of one of your felt circles.  Begin twisting the strip of felt so it forms a “rope”.

Sun 8

Sun 9

Sun 10

Begin coiling your felt “rope” around the center of the circle, tacking it down with glue as you coil.  Continue twisting the felt strip, and coiling it around in a spiral, gluing as you go, to form your first flower.   Repeat with the other 5 flowers.

Sun 11

Sun 12

Using your hot glue, begin gluing your sticks around the edge of your cardboard circle in a sunbeam shape.  Be sure to glue the dowels so the broken end of the dowels are in the center, so they won’t show on your finished project, and yellow stripes are facing up.  Vary the length of each “beam” as you glue, making some of them stick out further than others, rather than trying to keep them all uniform in length.  It helped me to space my sticks by first gluing my first stick at the top center of the circle, the 12:00 position, and then gluing another stick at  3:00, 6:00, and 9:00, and then positioning my sticks between these reference points as I went around the circle.  It was much easier for me to get my sticks angled correctly this way, than just randomly gluing them around the circle.

Sun 13

After you’ve glued all of your dowels, glue your flowers around the center of your wreath, covering the rough ends of your dowels.  Glue a loop of yarn, ribbon, or wire on the back of the cardboard circle as a hanger, and then hang up your beautiful creation!

Happy crafting!

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