Robin’s Egg Brooch

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Robins Egg Brooch

Salute the promise of spring with this cheery accessory.  Chase away the winter blahs, and get crafting this cute nest brooch.

Egg 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Egg 3

To begin, form three balls of clay about 3/8″ in diameter, and then roll them into egg shapes.  Let dry completely.

Egg 4

Once your eggs are dry, place your burlap over the top of your brown felt and cut out a circle approximately 4-inches in diameter.  Keeping the burlap and felt circle pieces together, begin cutting into the circle at the edge, cutting in a spiral shape about 1/2″ from the edge until you are left with a circle in the center that is the size of a quarter. (See above photo.)

Egg 5

To form your nest, begin loosely coiling the spiral that you cut, starting at the outside edge, and working toward the circle of material in the center.  Add a dab of hot glue here and there as you coil, so the next holds its shape.

Egg 6

Paint your eggs with the spa blue acrylic paint.  Let dry.

Egg 7

Using your white paint on a tiny detail brush, add small white spots all over the surface of your eggs.  Let dry.

Egg 8

Using your light cinnamon paint on the same small brush, add slightly larger blotches and small speckles all over the surface of your eggs.  Let dry.

Egg 9

Arrange your eggs in the nest, and glue with hot glue.  Cut two leaves from the green felt, and glue onto the back of the nest so they show from the front.

Egg 10

Glue your pin back on the back of the nest, and cover with a circle of felt to neaten the appearance, if desired.

DIY Robin's Egg Brooch for Spring

Pin your new nest brooch onto your favorite sweater or coat, and chase those winter blahs away with the promise of spring!

Happy Crafting!

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