Fork Pom-Pom Garland

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pom Pom Snowball Garland

Make this easy winter pom-pom garland to hang after the Christmas decorations come down.  Beat those winter blahs by creating a whole string of tiny pom-poms with, of all tools, a fork!

Pom 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own garland:

Pom 3

Cut a length of yarn about 4 inches long.  Place it between the middle tongs of your fork, and pull it down to the base, keeping half of the yarn on either side.

Pom 4

Using the skein of yarn, wrap it around the middle of your fork tines 30 times.  Be sure not to spread your wraps out too much along your fork tines, make your wraps on top of each other so you form a little puff.

Pom 5

Bring the ends of your 4-inch piece of yarn that you began with, up around your little yarn bundle and tie tightly in a square knot.  Tie in one more square knot to be sure it is secure.

Pom 6

Slip your tied bundle off of the end of the fork, and using your scissors, cut the loops along both edges of your bundle.

Pom 7

Fluff up your pom-pom by rolling between your hands.  Now you have a raggedy little pom-pom.

Pom 8

Use your scissors to trim your pom-pom into a neat round shape.   Congratulations!  You’ve made a fork pom-pom.  Now make a whole bunch more!!

Pom 9

Once you have finished making all of your pom-poms, cut a piece of baker’s twine to whatever length you want your finished garland to be.  Thread the end of the twine through your needle, and begin stringing your pom-poms onto the twine.  Be sure to push the needle through the center of your pom-poms, so they are firmly secured.

DIY Snowball Pom Pom Garland

Once you have strung all of your pom-poms, hang up your cute little garland, and make sure all of the pom-poms are evenly spaced.  I made mine all white, to mimic the look of little snowballs, but you could mix things up by making all different colors of pom-poms to create your own custom look.  These cute pom-pom garlands would also be great decorations for baby showers and birthday parties.  The uses for these tiny fork pom-poms are endless, and would be a great project for kids to make as well!

Happy crafting!

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