Turkey Tom

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Decorate your Thanksgiving Table with a DIY Turkey Tom!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Make this cute turkey Tom to decorate your Thanksgiving home.  Gobble, gobble!

Turkey 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own turkey:

Turkey 3

Begin your turkey by wrapping the 3-inch styrofoam ball with dark brown yarn.  Use a dab of hot glue to secure the end of the yarn to the ball before you begin wrapping, and add a dab of glue here and there as you wrap, to keep the yarn firmly against the ball.  Cover completely, and then glue the end to secure.  Repeat the process with the light brown yarn and the 2-inch styrofoam ball.  When both balls are covered, glue the smaller ball to the top of the large one to be the turkey’s head.

Turkey 4

Using your  red, orange, yellow, green and purple felts, cut 5 inch tall feather shapes by folding the felt in half, and then cutting 2 feathers at once from each color.

Turkey 5

Carefully cut, or break your dowels into 4 inch pieces.  Glue one dowel down the center of one of your red feathers , so about an inch is sticking off the bottom of the feather.  Glue the other half of the feather on top to hide the dowel.  Repeat with the other colors of tail feathers.

Turkey 6

Using your dark brown felt, cut two wing shapes for your turkey.  Using your light brown felt add some light brown feathers to your wings to add interest.

Turkey 7

Fold your piece of orange felt in half, and cut 2 feet for your turkey (so you have 2 feet that are each made up of two matching pieces, like you cut the tail feathers).  Decide how long you want your turkey’s legs to be, and cut 6 lengths of jute that length.  My jute pieces were 7 inches long.   Make two piles with 3 pieces of jute in them,  and knot the top of each pile so you can braid them.  Braid each bundle of jute, and when you get to the end, glue the feet onto the end, sandwiching the loose end of your braid between the two feet shapes to secure it.  Repeat with the second leg.

Turkey 8

Using one of your spare dowels, poke a hole into the styrofoam on either side of the body of your turkey, enlarging it enough so the knot at the top of each leg will fit into it.  Glue each leg onto either side of the body, and rearrange the yarn on the body to cover the hole.  Push the tail feathers  into the backside of the body of your turkey, angling them in such a way that your turkey sits up.  The bottom most feathers (on mine, the yellow and purple feathers) need be pushed in near the base of your turkey’s body, angled back slightly, so they act as a support .  They will touch the surface your turkey is sitting on, and help hold him upright.   Glue the wings onto your turkey.  Cut a small heart out of your dark brown felt, and glue onto the front of your turkey to be his breast.

Turkey 9

Turkey 10

Cut a small triangle with a rounded tip out of your orange felt.   Apply a dab of hot glue to only the rounded tip, and slightly up the triangle, leaving the base glue free.  Pinch the triangle together to form the beak.

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey

Glue the beak onto your turkey, attaching it by using the glue-free base end of the triangle.  Cut a comma shaped wattle for your turkey out of the red felt, and attach to the beak.  I glued a scrap of patterned fabric to my felt before I cut the wattle.  Cut two small circles out of your white felt, and glue the buttons onto the centers to create eyes for your turkey.

Leave your turkey as is, or embellish him with a small sign, or even a pilgrim hat.  Either way, he’s so cute you’ll gobble him up!

Happy crafting!

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