Teeny Tiny Snow Village

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Tiny Snow Village Craft to add a little whimsy to your holiday mantel

Create these tiny little houses to make the cutest little snow village, or use them to embellish your other Christmas crafts.

Snow 1

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own teeny tiny houses:

Snow 2

To begin, paint your entire wood block whatever color you want your house to be.  Let dry, then using your detail brush, paint small black squares on the four sides of your block for windows.  Paint a white rectangle where you want the door to be, making it slightly larger than you want the door to actually be (The white will be the door frame).  Let dry.

Snow 3

Again, using your detail brush, paint a white border around each black square to be the window frame, and then paint a white cross in the middle of each square to create the window panes.  Use the red paint to paint a red rectangle inside the white rectangle, leaving a small white border around the edges to be the door frame.  Let dry.

Snow 4

Cut a piece of cardstock 1″ wide by 1 1/2″ long.  If you are making a bunch of houses at once, cut a long strip of cardstock 1″ wide, and cut off 1 1/2″ lengths as you go.  Fold your piece of cardstock in half to form the roof.  Next, cut a 1/2″ square of cardstock, and cut it in half corner-to-corner, so you have two triangles.

Snow 5

Turn your folded cardstock roof so it is sitting like a letter “L,” with one edge flat on your work surface. Apply a bead of hot glue 1/8″ away from the folded edge, going up both sides  of the “L.”  Stick a triangle piece into the glue to hold your roof piece open  (See above photo for placement).  Repeat with second triangle.

Snow 6

Apply hot glue to the inside edges of your roof, and carefully stick onto the top of your house.  Using the same color as you did for the body of the house, paint each triangle piece of the roof the same color.

Glitter Sprinkled Tiny Winter House

Brush white glue onto the roof of your house, and immediately sprinkle with iridescent white glitter.  Shake off excess glitter, and let dry.

Make a whole multi-colored village of tiny houses, and set up your own snowy scene.

Happy crafting!

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