Needle Felted Stockings

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Use a new craft technique to create your own unique stocking designs!

I actually bought these stockings last year, but could never come up with a fun way to decorate them. I wanted something unique and easy, but couldn’t think of anything good enough for my holiday decor. This year, though, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with my stockings. I’ve always wanted to try needle felting, and when I grabbed these guys out of storage, I knew that I had found the perfect thing to use when trying out this new craft technique. I’m so happy with the results, they look really unique and go so well with the rest of my decor.


What You Need:

How to Make It:

Cut Stencil

I traced my names, but you can also print them out on regular computer paper. Cut out the names with your craft knife. If you have letters with holes in the middle, leave little bridges between the holes so you know where they are while you’re felting. (see the “o” and “e” above as an example.

Pin Stencil

Place your foam felting mat inside the stocking and pin your stencil to the center of the top of your stocking.



Rip off a piece of your wool roving and place it over your stencil. Poke the needle into the stocking on the inside of the stencil. You can grab the wool with the needle and stick it in where ever you like. The more you stick the needle in, the thicker the felted design.

You have a lot of control over where the wool sticks to your stocking. Gently move it around with the needle before pushing it in. When your letter is filled in to your liking, cut off the excess wool and poke the ends of the wool into the letter to finish.

As you get to the letters with holes in them, you can work around the bridges until you’ve finished the letter, remove the center and fill in the bridge. Another option is to cut off one side of the bridge and move it aside to lay down your wool, then remove it entirely.

DIY Needle Felted Stocking

Once you’re done with your names, you can print out other designs to add little embellishments. I actually created these ornaments freehand by making a circle out of some wool, then adding a very small amount for the ornament hanger. Holly berries would be really cute on your stocking!

Needle Felted Stockings

Once you’re done, flip the stocking inside out and iron over the felting to create a more permanent bond, then hang your brand new stockings by the chimney with care!

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