Cute as a Button Pumpkin Picture

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Pumpkin Picture Made from Buttons

Craft up some fall cuteness with this row of little button pumpkins and their candy-colored frame.  Make your autumn as cute as a button!

Button 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own button pumpkin picture:

Button 3

To begin, remove the cardboard or wood backing to your picture frame, and set it aside for later.  Paint your entire frame with the burnt umber acrylic craft paint.  Let dry.  Apply a coat of crackle medium, and let it dry according to the directions on the bottle.  When completely dry, paint a layer of pebble colored acrylic paint over the top of the crackling medium, being careful not to overstroke the pebble colored paint as you apply it, because it will disturb the crackling process.  Let the frame dry completely.

Button 4

Pour out a dime-sized pool of baby pink paint onto whatever you’re using as a paint palette (I usually use a paper plate or piece of waxed paper).  Using the unsharpened end of a pencil, or a brand new pencil eraser, carefully dab into your paint, blot a couple of times on your palette to ensure a thin even coat on your pencil end, and then begin making a dot pattern on your picture frame.  I suggest practicing making dots on a scrap of paper first, before you start working on your frame, so you get a good feel for how much paint you need to use to ensure crisp looking dots.  Repeat the process for the spa blue and buttermilk colored polka-dots.  Let your frame dry.

Button 5

Cut a piece of burlap the same size as the piece of cardboard or wood that came as a backing in your frame, adhere the burlap to the backing with hot glue.  Cut small pieces of green chenille stem to be stems for your button pumpkins, and glue to the backside of each orange button.

DIY Pumpkin Picture for Fall

Arrange your button pumpkins in a line on your burlap, and hot glue into place.  Glue a piece of crocheted lace along the bottom of your row of pumpkins.  Using the wooden alphabet tiles spell “PUMPKIN,” or whatever other fall message you desire, underneath the lace.  Glue the tiles in place with hot glue.  When your frame is dry, insert your picture back into the frame, and then enjoy your sweet fall picture that is as cute as a button!

Happy crafting!


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