Jolly Jack-o’-Lantern Patch

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY a Jack-o-Lantern Patch from gloves!

Give your Halloween decorating “a hand” with this cute jack-o’-lantern patch made from an orange glove!

Jack 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own patch of jack-o’-lanterns:

To begin, paint your flower pot black using the acrylic paint.  Let dry, and then add polka-dots with your white craft paint.  Let the flower pot dry completely.

Jack 3

Using the fiberfill stuffing, stuff each finger of your glove with just enough stuffing to stretch it so it’s rounded, but not so much that it’s overstuffed and you can see the stuffing through the glove.  Use a bit more stuffing to lightly stuff the palm of your glove so your fingers stand up.

Jack 4

Cut a piece of orange embroidery floss several inches long, and tie it around one of the glove fingers to form your first pumpkin, wrap the ends around a couple of times, and then tie it off.  Clip off any extra floss.  Repeat with the other four glove fingers, making some of the “pumpkins” shorter and more round, and others long and tall.  Variety is good, this is a pumpkin patch after all!

Jack 5

Try stuffing your glove into the flowerpot until the pumpkins are sitting right at the top of the pot.  Add or remove fiberfill stuffing to the glove, as need be, to get the finger pumpkins to sit at the right level.   Once you’re happy,  remove the glove, apply hot glue to the inside of your flowerpot, and then carefully stuff the glove back into the flowerpot.  Move the pumpkin fingers to arrange them as you desire, and apply more glue as needed.

Jack 6

Cut short lengths of green chenille stem for pumpkin stems.  Apply a small dab of hot glue, and then push the stem through the fabric at the top of each pumpkin finger to secure.

Jack 7

Cut faces out of black felt, and glue to each pumpkin.

Jack 8

Cut leaves of various sizes out of the kelly and apple green felts.  Larger ones for around the edge of the pot, smaller ones for the interior, and tiny ones for the pumpkins themselves.  Wrap green chenille stems around a paintbrush or pencil to form pumpkin vine tendrils.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the leaves and tendrils to your flowerpot.  Cover any excess glove that shows with either leaves or tendrils.

Jack 9

Cut a small sign out of cardstock for the front of your flowerpot.  Write “Jack-o’-lantern Patch” in black marker on your sign.  Glue a ruffle of purple polka-dot ribbon around the back edge of the sign by adding a dab of glue, bunching the ribbon, sticking it to the glue, adding another dab of glue, bunching the ribbon, etc., until you go clear around the edge.  Glue your completed sign to the front of the pot.

Jack 10

Finish your pumpkin patch by folding a star out of a gold glitter stem and poke it into the back of your flowerpot behind your pumpkins.

Happy Crafting!

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