T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

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By Sewing Contributor Courteney from the blog Crafting with Court.

Upcycle old t-shirts into a colorful infinity scarf

Do you have a few T-shirts that you want to keep but don’t wear anymore?  It’s a tricky when you have a few because it’s not enough to make a T-shirt quilt with, but it’s too many for a lot of small T-shirt projects.  Well, I have a solution for you.  Infinity scarves are great because you can wrap them around you, and they look great without a lot of effort.  By following this tutorial, you can make a great infinity scarf out of your favorite T-shirts.


  • 5-7 T-shirts
  • 1 yard Jersey or Fleece
  • Thread
  • Pins

  1. Roughly cut out the side of your T-shirt with the design on it. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of room, you will be cutting it down to size later.  Repeat for all of your T-shirts.


  1. Cut each T-shirt down to its final size. I recommend cutting all your T-shirts to a width of 13” and varying the length depending on the design.  If you’re trying to preserve pocket designs, cut each one to a width of 7” and the same height.  Sew two pocket designs together with a ½” seam to create one 13” rectangle.  I do not use interfacing in this project because it makes the T-shirts too stiff; however, it makes cutting and sewing the T-shirts more difficult so be careful.




  1. Organize your T-shirts into one long straight line. All your T-shirts should be the same width, so organize them in the way you like the colors.  Remember, your top shirt will connect to your bottom shirt when everything is finished.


  1. Sew your T-shirts together in the proper order. To sew the T-shirts together, essentially “fold” one T-shirt over the other.  This will cause the pattern sides to be facing each other but the top T-shirt’s design will be upside down.  Sew together using a ½” seam.  Be careful not to pull too much or you will cause the shape of your T-shirts to distort.  Repeat until you have one long line of T-shirts.



  1. Measure and cut your Jersey/Fleece to be the same size as your T-shirt line. You may need to sew multiple pieces of your jersey or fleece together to get the proper length.
  2. Sew the T-shirt front and the jersey/fleece back together. Pin so the seams are facing out and the “pattern sides” are facing each other.  Using a ½” seam, sew the two pieces together.
  3. Flip the scarf so it is right side out.
  4. Sew the T-shirt side into a circle. Match up your beginning and ending T-shirt and pin together.  Sew with a ½” seam.


  1. Sew the back side into a circle. Lay one end of the jersey/ fleece flat.  Take the other side and fold it over approximately ½”.  Pin this fold over top of the flat piece of fabric. Run a seam as close to edge of the folded fabric as possible.



  1. Your Infinity T-shirt scarf is ready to wear! Wrap it around twice for a looser look or three times for more warmth!

DIY Infinity Scarf from Old T-Shirts

Don't have enough T's to make a quilt? Make a cozy infinity scarf instead!


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