Free Stuff Friday!!

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It’s Friday again, and another week closer to one of our favorite holidays, Halloween! To celebrate, we have a really fun Halloween prize pack to give away.


This Halloween pack includes 2 packs of Martha Stewart treat bags, a pack of treat boxes, photo disguise decorations, bottle decorations, 4 Halloween garlands, and 3 Inkadinkaclings stamps with a mini acrylic block!

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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38 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. JuJu

    When our daughter was small, I made a Raggedy Ann costume for her,red string ‘hair’ wig and all! A friend saw the photo and said is that a real doll?!

  2. Ashley N.

    I’d have to say my favorite costume is a scarecrow. You can sit outside with the bowl of candy and people think you’re a decoration. Lol makes it easy to scare them.

  3. Jessica D.

    My favorite Halloween costume I ever wore was when my sister and I were little. We dressed as little bo peep and the sheep. I was the sheep. It was a homemade costume and everyone loved it!

  4. Karee Steinhauser

    My mom made me a Wonder Woman costume when I was 6 or 7. I loved that costume and wore it at home long after Halloween was over.

  5. Judy

    Last year I dressed up like Oliver Oyl. She was the cartoon character in Popeye. That was my favorite. My Daughter and the kids I gave treats to liked my Halloween outfit too. When I was a child my Mother never let me or my siblings dress up. I let my son who is 30 years old dress up when he was a child. My daughter who is 9 years loves to dress up every year.:)

  6. Jo Ann Prentiss

    My parents made my brother and me panda costumes one year out of fur fabric. We had hoods w/ears and cardboard circles covered in the black fur fabric on elastic for the eyes.

  7. Gloria Celentano

    My favorite for myself when i was a fairy princess. That i made for my son was “THE LITTLEST BILLY GOAT GRUFF” from the children’s stories.

  8. Eden L

    My favorite is the deviled egg costume I made 2 years ago. It was easy to make and people always seem to get a kick out of it 🙂

  9. Sara Tann

    My favorite was when my twin sister and I went as Dr Suess’s Thing 1 and Thing 2.. My Dad dressed up like the Cat in the Hat and took us around trick or treating, we had of fun. lol

  10. Gail Gill

    My favorite costume was The Grim Reaper, except I didn’t have a reaper, so I was actually The Grim Electric Weedeater.

  11. Mary Mac

    Many, Many years I dressed up as a bananna using my mom’s favorite yellow raincoat. She wasn’t very happy.

  12. Tammy K

    My favorite was WonderWoman as a child… it’s just awesome! Too bad we couldn’t keep – parents rented when my sister and I were kids. My daughter would have totally worn it this year:)

  13. Debbie

    My favorite costumes were always homemade ones. My best was when I dressed as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

  14. Pat S

    My favorite was Auntie Em with my husband being Uncle Henry. My daughter, son-in-law & friends were the rest of the Wizard of Oz. Was a blast!

  15. Laura

    Not so much a costume as just dressing up with a mix match of awesome props and homemade pieces. Always so much fun and unique!

  16. Marlene

    I love dressing up as a gypsy several years. My Mom had a red skirt I would wear with a peasant blouse and lots of Mom’s necklaces, bangles and drop earrings. Also got to wear makeup and dramatic scarf around my head. Several years ago, our church did a Harvest Festival. I was the Gypsy Fortune Teller and had a great time making up positive, generic fortunes for the kids and relived a bit of childhood memories. Thanks for the Freebies.

  17. Alexandria Disher

    My Favorite Halloween costume was the year I went as Carrie. We went thrift shopping and I found a prom dress and then I bought 2 gallon bottles of fake blood. On Halloween I stood in the back yard with my prom dress on and had my mom poor the fake blood all over me. It was so cool and super scary. LOLOLOL

  18. Emma Taylor

    We like doing zombies as you can just hack old clothes each year, funk up the hair. Scars on the face with blood dripping if you want or even put everything on backwards!!!! X:0)

  19. kim gesumaria

    Every year I am a black cat, it is the only costume that as an adult you can be a wear a costume and keep some form of self respect.

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