Glitter Pen Top

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Glitter your pens for a glamorous back to school season!

Some days you just need a little glitter to make you smile. Start this school year off with a glitter bang with these cool pens. Buy a package of pens and make them fabulous in seconds with a simple shake of glitter.





Start by brushing on a thin layer of Mod Podge. I chose to sparkle up the clip of the pen.


Sprinkle on the glitter, make sure you have a piece of paper under the project to save the excess glitter and place it back in the container. Let the pens dry.

Take boring pens to the next level with a little glitter!

Once dry, pack them into your favorite student’s school box!

Add some glitter to your pens for a glamorous back to school season


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