Celebrate Your Patriotism with this Red, White and Blue Banner

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By Scrapbooking & Card Making Contributor

Peg Rounds

Peg’s Crafting Corner

Celebrate this upcoming Fourth of July with a festive banner.

Create this fun banner to show your patriotism this July 4th or all year long.  Create more than one for any season or occasion.  This easy to make banner is perfect for any door or any July 4th party.  Create several of them and hang them around your house or patio to decorate for those 4th of July cookouts.  They make any time fun!


Begin by cutting three 2” wide strips for each rosette that you will be creating from a 12” x 12” wide piece of cardstock or patterned paper.  For this particular banner there were 6 blue strips, 6 red strips and 6 white strips cut to create two rosettes of each color.  Leave them 12” in length.

Cut and Measure the Cardstock.

Score every strip at 1” intervals using a scoring board

Now fold each strip.

Fold each strip in the mountain valley fold pattern which looks like this.  The first and last pieces should be folded downward.    It is important to make sure each fold is done accurately so they are all folded evenly.  If they are off, it will affect how the overall folded piece will look when assembled.

This is what the strips will look like once they are completely folded.

This is what the strip should look like.

Add tape to one end of each strip using a tape runner

Now add tape.

Attach three of the strips together to begin the formation of the first rosette.

Add tape to the final tab and begin to create a circle.

Now add tape to the final tab and attach it to the beginning to create a circle.

Cover the circle with a puddle of glue

For this size of rosette you will need a large circle.  This circle is 2 ¾” and was cut using a circle die and manual die cut machine.   You can, also, use a circle cutter to cut the size you will need.  Cover the circle with a puddle of glue

Place the cardstock on the puddle of glue.

Press the pieces downward so they lay flat as shown in the picture.  Carefully place the rosette on the glue filled circle and hold it until it adheres.

Cut a star and a circle.

Cut six 2” stars using a star die or use star stickers or other star shaped pieces Attach them to a 1” circle using a 3-d adhesive

Add some glue to the back of the circle and the star.

Add some glue to the back of the circle and attach it to the rosette.

Now assemble together and allow the glue to dry.

Allow the entire piece to dry.  HINT:  Set something weighty such as the glue bottom on the back of the rosette as it dries to help hold it in place.

Now add twine to the back of the cardstock.

Cut a 42” length of twine (blue and red used for this project) from 2 different colors.  HINT:  To keep the twine ends from unraveling make a small knot in the ends.  Combine both of the colors together by knotting them together using small knots at the ends.

Make a small knot at the ends.

Measure the distance equally along the twine and place one rosette at each point.  For this project, the first rosette was placed at the 6” mark and each rosette after was placed every 6”.   Add a 1” circle over the piece of twine to help hold it in place and to give the back a flat area for it to rest against when it is hung.

Repeat all of the above steps to create 5 more rosettes.  If you would like to add more rosettes, create extra ones and add some more length to the piece of twine to hold the extras.

Now, you have a patriotic banner to use for July 4th, Flag Day or any time of year.  Create some for every season or occasion just by using different colors.  Instead of the stars try a different shape.  No matter how you create it, it will be a beautiful piece to hang on the door or anywhere you need a little decoration!

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