Glasses Case

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Easy Glasses Case - Perfect Father's Day Gift

I wear glasses. I have a bunch of different pairs, but one thing remains the same, I need a place to keep them when I take the off and it needs to not scratch the lenses. I took an old silk tie and made a simple pocket for them. This is an easy project for anyone to make. Plus it’s the perfect gift for Dads, way better than the silk tie that he will never wear!

DIY Glasses Case from a Tie - No Sew and Super Easy!


Fold Tie

Fold the tie to the length of a pair of glasses. Measure this length by turning the tie so the back is up.


The tip of the tie will be the fold over of the case, so at the part where the “V” ends on the back is where you will fold the tie to. Add an extra ½” and then trim off the excess of the tie.


Next, snip the little string that holds the back of the tie in place. By cutting that string, you should be able to stick your hand down the tie, like sticking it in a pocket.



Apply glue to the cut end and fold it over onto itself.

Glasses Case From a Tie

Then fold the tie so that end comes up to the “V” and glue that whole length to create a sealed seam. If you want a closure, glue a piece of Velcro to the backside of the tip and fold it over to the body to measure where the other side of the Velcro should be.  Let the glue dry and it’s ready for the glasses.

Tie Glasses Case

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