Ice Cream Play Dough

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By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

3 Ingredient Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe by Brave New Home

With temperatures rising, I thought I would try a new play dough recipe with my little one.  This cold play dough is a special treat for hot days and only contains three ingredients: whipped topping, cornstarch and vegetable oil.

3 - mixing ingredients together

Thaw your whipped topping out in the fridge then mix in a cup and a half of cornstarch.

4 - whip cream with cornstarch

You can have your little ones use a spoon to incorporate the two ingredients together.

5 - adding vegetable oil

Then add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and knead the dough.  If the dough is too oily for your preference add a little more cornstarch in.  I’ve read over several recipes for this play dough and I really think the recipe comes down to what type of whipped topping you use so just be ready to experiment and tweak the recipe.

DIY Ice Cream Play Dough

If your little ones are a bit older (and won’t be confused by play dough that looks like ice cream), let them use an ice cream scoop to play with their ice cream play dough.  But if your little ones are of an age where they would try eating ice cream play dough, give them a roller and some cookie cutters to play with their cold dough.

7- rolling out ice cream play dough and using cookie cutters
When the ice cream play dough starts warming up and getting close to room temperature, it’s time to return the play dough to the fridge (not the freezer).  We simply store ours in the whipped topping container.

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