Sponge Ball

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Sponge Ball for Hot Summer Days

This project can be fun in the hot summer time or for used for gifts for a variety of people. Let’s start with the fun, make these at a summer camp for kids to dip in the water and toss for a fun game or toy. These sponge balls can be part of a spa day for mom as a Mother’s Day gift or use the scrubbing sponges and add them with a basket of cleaners for a new home owner.



Cut the Sponge

Start by cutting the sponge in half, long way.

Cut into strips

Cut those pieces in half again, making 4 pieces from one sponge. Repeat this with 2 more sponges.


Tie together



Hold all the sponge pieces together and tie a length of dental floss around the center, making a couple of knots to hold everything together.

DIY Sponge Ball with a variety of uses

The dental floss will hold up to water and will not stretch with use.

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