Sewing Notions Catch-all Dish

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Sewing Notions Catch-all Dish

I’m not the best at putting my pins back into the pincushion as I’m sewing. Instead, I set them down on my table, just waiting for me to accidentally stab myself. They roll around, sometimes end up on the floor, and leave me searching all over my craft room to make sure I didn’t miss a pin. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, I decided to create myself a small go-to dish for my sewing notions. It’s the perfect place to store things I might need like bobbins, extra pins, a measuring tape, and maybe even some small scissors for snipping threads. No more looking for dropped pins, extra bobbins, or a pair of scissors, they’re all in once place!

Sewing Dish

What You Need:

How to Make It:


Roll your clay between 2 sheets of wax or parchment paper until it’s about 1/8 in. thick. Flip your bowl upside down and trace around the edge with a knife. (Note: If you’re using polymer clay and want the dish to still be food safe, place a piece of plastic wrap between the bowl and the clay and press down to make an impression. Remove the plastic wrap and cut out the impression.)


Finished Impressions

Once your circle is cut out and the edges are smoothed, make your impressions with sewing notions. I found the most success pressing things pretty deep and removing them with a pin.

Lay Over Bowl

Shape to Bowl

Gently lay your circle over the bottom side of the bowl and smooth the edges. I used a little bit of water on my hands to help my air-hardening clay take shape. Leave to dry at least 24 hours. If you’re able to get a smooth enough form, I would suggest draping plastic wrap over the bowl before laying down the clay. I had a difficult time removing my dish. I ended up removing it before it was completely dry, and mending the cracks with some water and a little extra clay.


Once the bowl is removed and dry, paint the inside of your dish and let it dry before painting the outside. you can use different colors on the inside and outside for a cute effect.

Sewing Notions Dish

Once everything is dry, set the dish next to your sewing machine and fill it with all the little odds and ends you may need.

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