Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Quilled Invitation

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

Peg’s Crafting Corner

Quilled Shamrock Party Invitation

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without a party and for a party you need party invitations.  Create this “lucky” party invitation featured a quilled shamrock to invite the party goers to your fun day.  The shamrocks are easy to do and can be created in an evening while you are watching television.

The card base measures 3 ½ x 5” which is the perfect sized invitation.  Begin by creating the card base by cutting a piece of green card stock that measures 7” x 5” and folding it in half.

Next, layer a piece of 3 1/8” x 4 1/8” of patterned paper (Best of by K & Co. used) on top of another piece that measures 4 ¼” x 4 ½” using a tape runner to adhere them together.  Adhere the layered pieces onto the card base. Lay it aside.

Now, begin quilling the shamrock.  Cut a piece of 6” long quilling strip and place it in the end of a slotted tool.  Start turning it so that the tool is being turned away from you and you are forming a loose circle as shown in the pictures.  Continue to turn it until you reach approximately ¼” from the end of the strip.  HINT:  Place your finger on the top of the tool to help keep the paper on and your thumb below the paper strip to help guide it and to keep it from sliding down the tool which will cause the circle to come apart.


Carefully remove the loop from the tool keeping your fingers above and below the strip as mentioned in the previous step and place it on a quilling board to allow it to open up more on its own.  Once it has opened as far as it is going to, dab a little glue (Aleene’s Tacky Glue used) on the end of it and secure it to the loop.

Quilled Loop

Once the glue has been allowed to dry, place a pin in the circle and pull the center of the loops down to the edge of it as shown in the picture.  Lightly squeeze the end of the circle around the pin to form a tear drop shape.

Push Pin

A shamrock is created by using 6 heart shapes glued together.  To form the heart, use the end of the slotted tool and gently push the center of the loop down towards the pin while pinching the rounded part of the heart up against the tool.  Take the pin out of the board and lay the heart shape aside.

Create Shape

Create 5 more hearts following the previous steps so that you end up with 6 total.

Make Six

Now, take one of the shapes and glue a 1 ½” straight piece of quilling paper to one side of the shape.  This will be the stem of the shamrock.


Add glue to each of the bottom rounded edges and adhere it to the stem making sure that the rounded edge touches the heart next to it as shown in the picture.

When all of the pieces have been assembled, add a small touch of glue in between the top 2 pieces of the shamrock, the 2 on the left side of it and the 2 on the right side of it and allow the entire piece to dry.  By adding the glue to the top of those pieces, will adhere those pieces together to form the shape of the shamrock.

Add some glue to the back of the shamrock (the center is the best place for it where the piece all meet) and glue it onto the card base.  Allow it to dry completely.

Glue Together

Stamp the “party” onto a ¾” x 1 ½” piece of card stock using green and yellow ink pads.  Layer that piece onto a 1” x 1 ¾” piece of green card stock and attach it to the card.


Send a little luck to the party goers with this quilled shamrock.  Create just the shamrocks for table decorations, too.  Everyone needs a little luck sometimes so share it this St. Patrick’s day with those around you!

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